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WHAZZ NEWZ at the 'Plex


August 30, 2006

Hardcore Hardware

Apparently Edmonton hosts one of the largest Fringe Festivals in North America. The site itself is relatively small, but as with most FFs, it encompasses many different theatrical venues. Our company was nice enough to pay for tix to the Vagina Monologues, but with a little one, and adult oriented material, we stayed away this year. Next year we'll see how it goes.

The outside venues were mostly entertaining, with the exception of a painfully long 15 min (feels like 15 year) skit. But the last guy we saw really made the show for us. Make sure to check out the piccies of this particular performer. You can tell he's into construction, and DIY. But he mixes great expressions of faux pain with unweildy Cronenberg type Home Despot tools.


Linkie here.

August 27, 2006

My new site.

Finally I'm doing something with my new site. Putting all my photographs that I like into a cohesive site has been something I'd wanted to do for quite a while.

So without further adieu, here it is!


August 22, 2006

My grandmother gives good head

WTF? I mean REALLY WTF??? Now learning some English if you're Japanese is one thing, but do we really fucking need to learn this? REALLY??? I NEVER EVAR want to hear that sentance uttered. I SURE as FUCK hope that this was a parody, but from what I know about the Japanese culture this actually may be some sort of serious English lesson. At any rate, I shit myself laughing with mouth open, etc. etc. when I first saw this. Not sure if I was in shock, or just laughing my ass off delerious. As yongfook says from his blog that I got this from, it's just batshit fucking loco.

C'mon Toshi, oh pleaaaaase!

Click the image (not on the arrow) to get a bigger video.

August 19, 2006

Lightning Deeds

Wow.. when they have lightning, they have lightning storms! I remembered a couple of years ago when I was down in Nawleans, I was trying my best to take piccies of lightning. It was pretty regular, but at the time I had a digicam that didn't have a constant machine gun rate of fire. My buddies John and Kieran remember my utter futility on the deck of a riverboat. This year is a different story however.

Armed with a new dSLR, the 27 shot burst mode and a 2 gig Mem card, I was successful at last! We had a nice lightning storm last night, and I braved a bit of the minor downpour, and like a fucking moron stood on top of a hill firing off snaps for 20 mins or so. It occured to me that I may have become the worlds biggest piece of toast, but of course that occurs to me after I head home. At any rate, the lightning hits every 15-30 seconds or so, and my hit rate was about 20% when I fired off a burst mode. The lightning in Edmonton is crazily consistent, and it lasts for a insanely long time. I suppose the dry prairie conditions are quite condusive to thunderstorms since this is quite the norm in the summer months. Anyhoo, I was relatively glad just to capture some shots. I'll have to scout out some prime locations that I can drive too within a short radius to "plan and compose" some shots when I'm feeling more artsy the next time a lightning storm hits.

Electrifrying images after the jump.

August 18, 2006

Lung fulla hair


That's been my main method of communication over the past week. I caught something last Thurs that made me feel like utter crap, that was crapped out of a dog, that was eaten by some other large mammal and passed through it's digestive tract. Fever, backache, bad feeling tummy, headaches (which I never get), a sore throat, and of course, the beauty of them all, a constant, consistent, persistent, set your watch to it hacking cough. Ahhhh, nothing beats a throat and lungs that feel like you've swallowed a constantly shedding ferret. You cough til your eyes bug out, your tongue lols to one side, and you sound like a demented steam engine. I slept in the other room just to spare the little lady, and tiny tyke the Buckley's national anthem.

To top it all off, I also got hit by a minor gout attack. Am I the most healthy of boys or what eh? So I've been chugging this Nin Jiom stuff (which I remember using as a kid) to help with the hack a tat tat. I don't remember it tasting like demented candied honey though. Man is that shit sweeeeet. And not in a good way.

My life suxxor.

August 07, 2006

Back to your roots

Man.. what a contrast. From Taste of Crap, to Heritage Days in Hawrelak Park!

A three day festival that takes up an entire park, hosting ove 50 cultural pavilions with dancing, music and of course the most important.... FOOD! Approximately 350,000 attendees will make the rounds, as did we. From around 11:00 - 8:00, we walked, ate, drank and generally made merry. Some half-decent satay, interesting fijian punch, rendung curry, Ukrainian food, and many other culinary pleasures hit my buds, and they were hit relatively satisfactorily I must say. The little one really enjoyed crawling all over, eating new things and seeing the thousands of people. Wifey enjoyed having a couple of friends to watch Arwen, the food, drink, watching the dancers, and locking up hubby (check pictures for details).

As I said, Taste of Edmonton, give it a miss, but don't miss out on the Heritage Days. Your tummy will be all the wiser.

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August 06, 2006

Nocturnal D missions

Well, here's my first attempts at night shooting. I had a blast doing it, and stayed up waaaay too late in the early AM, but was rewarded by some nifty effects. I've discovered that my tripod does some strange things, so I'll probably need to UG that, along with a wireless remote shutter release if I want to continue my night shooting.

Met up with some kids from BC who've moved out here for the summer to work. I think one was 'of the gay' and was trying to pick me up, but hey, as a prime piece of meat, I gave out married vibes. Plus the ring's on mah finger yo. I guess it's pretty flattering, but picking up 18 year old dudes is not exactly my thing, and if it was I'd have visited boys town in Van years ago. Hmm.. shit, that's waaaay too much nfo.

Jump to the night gallery here

August 01, 2006

Happy Anniversary Honey!

WOW! I can't believe its only been two years! My honey and I tied the knot seems like longer than that. Mind you, with the kiddie, I think anniversary years are like dog years, so it's really been 14 anniversary years now. Heh. We did our gift exchange early this year, and I received this really neat watch, altimeter, compass, alarm, barometer, etc. It's awesome cause now I know exactly how hot my boys are getting. Yeah, I wear it off my belt loop, dangling over the jubblies. But seriously, it's a really nifty piece of gear.

I got the better half a Nintendo DS Lite. Had some trouble's finding it, cause they had a really nice package of 155 with the new Mario Bros. The boys back east sure know how to put together a nice handheld I tell you. With the impending Opera browser on wifi appearing this year, I'm really jazzed about it. The wife has been playing Brain Age, and Brain Academy pretty much non stop since we got it, so the prezzie was well worth it. Those games are pretty fun, but they sure make me out to be moronic. Maybe I should walk around going "Duuuuh.. Doiiiiiii..." and drooling for a while.

At any rate, Happy Anniversary Hon!!!! Love you lots, and here's to another 80 more!

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