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August 19, 2006

Lightning Deeds

Wow.. when they have lightning, they have lightning storms! I remembered a couple of years ago when I was down in Nawleans, I was trying my best to take piccies of lightning. It was pretty regular, but at the time I had a digicam that didn't have a constant machine gun rate of fire. My buddies John and Kieran remember my utter futility on the deck of a riverboat. This year is a different story however.

Armed with a new dSLR, the 27 shot burst mode and a 2 gig Mem card, I was successful at last! We had a nice lightning storm last night, and I braved a bit of the minor downpour, and like a fucking moron stood on top of a hill firing off snaps for 20 mins or so. It occured to me that I may have become the worlds biggest piece of toast, but of course that occurs to me after I head home. At any rate, the lightning hits every 15-30 seconds or so, and my hit rate was about 20% when I fired off a burst mode. The lightning in Edmonton is crazily consistent, and it lasts for a insanely long time. I suppose the dry prairie conditions are quite condusive to thunderstorms since this is quite the norm in the summer months. Anyhoo, I was relatively glad just to capture some shots. I'll have to scout out some prime locations that I can drive too within a short radius to "plan and compose" some shots when I'm feeling more artsy the next time a lightning storm hits.

Electrifrying images after the jump.

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