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April 24, 2006

Bush and Dick

April 16, 2006

Talk about every mode of transport.

We took two different automobiles, two different types of aircraft, buses, trains, and so forth. I think the only thing we didn't take was camel and gondola travel. Zooming from Edmonton to Seattle was fun, and I think little Arwen enjoyed the journey. We arrived a bit cranky, but none the worse for wear. A bit of fun, some food, family, good friends and we're good as new!

Check out the hamster powered kite we flew in.

April 09, 2006

Family Jacket

I finally got my Kindercoat! This is the BEST jacket, especially made for us baby wearers. It's got a velcroed hole in the back for when baby is on my back, and a panel in the front for when baby is on my front. Hoods for both me and baby. And it's a 3-in-1! Plus, it's adjustable so that the hubby can wear it too! Gotta love it!

In fact, it's so useful that I can do even more things now that I normally wouldn't be able to do. A couple of weeks ago, we had a big snowstorm and all the people coming to our house for the weekly baby signs class got stuck in the snow. Yup, every one of them, including the instructor. I had to go out and help, but can't leave baby in the house. What to do? Slap on the Kindercoat and push cars with baby on. Don't worry... we were very careful not to slip and fall. Geesh! What kind of mom do you think I am???

BTW, we decided the poncho was not worth what it cost, so we are selling that sucker. =P


We found a great Sushi place in Edmonton. It's called Sushi Wasabi. A highly original name to be sure, but man the food there was quite decent. On par with the west coast I'd say.

An old Japanese man stands as sushi master, and his wife plays host to all that come in. They have what's known as the 'California Special' as one of their features. It is 8 pieces of HUGE inside out maki. They are about 4 inches across, so will fill up most people to be sure.

Check out the picture in comparison with Arwen as an illustration.

Shop til you drop!

The wife and I headed off to a second hand baby sale yesterday. Picked up a ton of clothes and some nice toys! En route we found a pretty decent South American / Mexican restaurant called Roma Bistro. Shitty name, but great food at good prices.

Mmmm.. Papusas!

Check out the album for more piccies and comments.

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