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March 29, 2005


Just got back from a long weekend in Calgary with some relatives. It was good, had dim sum all weekend pretty much, and it was pretty fun. Driving up the #2, we decided to take a side trip to Drumheller though. For those who don't know, it's the location of the badlands, and the Royal Tyrell dinosaur museum. Pretty good place to go if you're like most kids (big or small). The last time I went was with my best bud Ed, and now my best Gal Vicki.

Oh yeah.. watch out for the Raptors, that one almost got me.

Official link to the Royal Tyrell.

March 22, 2005

Cuisine Chinois = Yum!

Well, found another chinese restaurant. This one was located nearer to us, but the first time we went in, it was closed for aprivate function/wedding. Wedding on a Thurs night though? Sheesh... Crazy Edmontonians. At any rate, it was a pretty decent restaurant, and we liked it even better than that Four Tea place, and closer too! WOOT!

March 21, 2005

Now perverted mouse!

Remember that mouse pad earlier? Click here to check back on the lovely matching mousepad.

Now you can get a mouse for that Hentai mouse pad you've always wanted! These things come in different.. umm.. suits, and apparently the mouse.. errr. buttons are soft and spongy. Heh. Enjoy your late night surfing!

Click the left button, or right button?

Itty Bitty Tittie club?

Chew gum then!

Well Apparently there is a secret ingredient in a new type of gum, that will increase your breast size.
So who needs plastic surgery, when you can pop in a double mint gum.. Hehehehe get it Juicey double mint? Kwao Krua is apparently the ingredient that helps you get that triple D figure you've always wanted. Chew Chew grow...

link to grow your boob size.

Awesome chinese restaurant

My unc and aunt came into town today.

We went to a restaurant called For Tea near the West Ed mall. It was the best Chinese food I've had in Edmonton hands down. Very comporable to the places in Vancouver.

Thumbs up, and damn I'm still full!!!! Oh it was also a bonus, cause they brought a care package of Curry Puffs! Mmm.. Thanks Uncle Lincoln and Auntie Clara!

March 20, 2005

Ear Muffs!

Uh huh.. uh heh.. heh.. I said muff... (said in Beavis type voice)

Bought some ear muffs today. Man.. it does get cold here in Edmonton, so this is the first set of ear muffs I've ever owned much less willingly coughed up cash for. Now mind you they're pretty kewl and look much less like a scene from Fargo. The company that makes these slightly less dorky ear protectors is called 1080s. They make an interesting set of gloves, that allows you to breathe into a 'heat channel' to warm up your frosty digits. Neat idea.. it sorta works, but when we tried it out in the store, couldn't really tell. Probably would work much better when your fingers are dead cold.

March 18, 2005

Lazer T t t t t ag

Gotcha! BRRRZZZAAAPPP! YOWCH! Now I always thought Lazer Tag is for pansies that can't take the punishment of a real game... paintball! Well maybe this will change your mind! Couple the fun of lazer tag, with the pain of tonguing a 9 volt battery, and you'll see what this baby can do. Of course, I wouldn't recommend strapping this to your ol' pacemaker, or you'll get the hell deflibriated outta ya.

Link for Zaptastic fun!

March 17, 2005


Man.. I slipped today on the ice.. sucky.... My Doc Marten's are not really suited to the snow. ahh well.

My hand that cushioned the blow still hurts, and I think I broke my ass.


Check out the latest in blogging. All about your favourite auction sites like eBay, Yahoo auctions and so forth. Check here for strange posts (ghost in a jar, or grilled cheese Mary anyone?),latest news and great info!

Link to auctioneo


What a winter wonderland, but we weren't expecting this in March! ZOIKS! It started snowing a couple of days ago, and it does look pretty. A couple of inches have stuck, and it looks like frosting over everything.

Strange since when we first got here, it had pretty much started with the spring melt. So much for that!

March 16, 2005

Who needs Bum Fights?

Who wouldn't want to see a battle between a silverback gorilla and an ostrich? No? A giant octopus and a bull? I'm not sure wtf I'm posting this, but I had a gas reading this. call it a guiltiy pleasure, but the awful writing, coupled with the really ghetto attempt at photosnotting the piccies had me gasping. Ehhh.. then again, it could be my humour, or lack of sleep these days.


More Lego Star Wars

Wow as if the deathstar wasn't enough, there's these cute little guys as well! Well, they're not QUITE lego, but I always threw in Kubrik stuff with the rest of them. They look pretty kewl!

I always loved Max Rebo, sly snootles, and the rest of the cantina band. So if you have a tatooine set that was somehow incomplete up until now, go grab these little guys!

Kubrik link

More from Spore

A report from GDC (Gaming Developer's Conference) showed Will Wrights newest magnum opus. This is from the fellow that brought us the Sims fyi. He'll be showing more of this, which looks pretty impressive at the E3 show.. It really reminds me of Evolution... the next.. errr evolution.

Link to see more screenies.


Picked up the incredibles yesterday. Get this, the Disney store, when we went down there, ONLY had full screen! C'mon Disney, get with the program, you should at the very LEAST offer a choice of both! It just started snowing when we went to pick them up, so I was disappointed, but at least I got to keep the lithographs which were pretty nice. So on the way back home, the Butchershop in downtown Edmonton appeared, we zoomed into there and they had it on sale. 19.99! SCORE! So Not only did I get the one day price, but the Disney store said to keep the Lithos as an appeasement. Oh, if you order online from the Disney Store, you also would have received a pin and two plushies. Of course you'd have to put up with full screen, and pay probably 20 dollars for shipping.... Not for me! Just say NO to FULLSCREEN, or as I call it, Pan and Scam.


March 15, 2005

Too lazy to play games?

Well then, why not pay some 3rd world nation to create a character for you? No more useless levelling up, and no more silly quests. Just pony up some cash to places like Romania, and you get a full on force to be reckoned with. Mind you I'd call you a pussy though.

link to story.

March 14, 2005

Sayy.... Nice bike!

My buddy has been wanting one of these forever. And as it's not April 1st, I figure it wasn't just some neighbours bike that he just was sitting on to take a picture. It is a gorgeous looking bike, that has a great cruiser look without the unreliability of some of the american muscle. The Suzuki Volusia. Sweet!

Congrats Vinnie, you've been lusting after it for a long time!

Bahbah! Get in mah bellah!

Well, I don't really condone eating one's firstborn, errr or secondborn, thirdborn etc. But this little piccie looks so cute, that you could just eat him up! Thanks to my bro for finding this gem.

March 12, 2005

Toyotaly awesome!

Found this old matrix commercial, not the one you see in the movie theatres, but one that came out before that. Not too bad. We've been considering getting a new vehicle for a while, and this one has the right factors for us. 4 doors, great gas mileage, pretty peppy performance, and it also can haul a ton of stuff. I read somewhere once, where a matrix owner, with the back seats down put in a whole hot water boiler in the rear with the box. That's lots of storage!

Link to ad.

March 11, 2005

OH NO! Jetsgo NO GO!

As of midnight tonight, Jetsgo is no more. Ahh.. well so much for $1.00 flights.. =<> 'Save a little, travel less'.

Link to story.


This guy, even though he doesn't know what's goin on.. Can Dance! I was falling out of my chair after I saw this guy. Good prank too! Go Boyeeee!

Link to see this fella in action.

Latest Marvel vs City of Heroes.

Here's the latest on the legal case that Marvel has raised against NCSoft. Now it does sound that's it's the big corporation stomping on the little company. However if you do look closer at the suit, you can see NC soft including things like 'Three Claws' and costume similarities that would allow you to create characters that have striking similarities to wolverine. Create a hero... hmm.. who'd a thunk it.
Not quite as cut and dry as I first thought it would be. Regardless, the judge has ruled against Marvel.

Lawsuit Linkie.

The cries of 1000's of lego people...

Dah du du dah.. dah dah DAH!!!! That's the empire strikes back theme. C'mon, everybody, let's hum it together! This has gotta be the baddest ass lego kit ever. The friggin thing is close to 2 feet wide! I feel a disturbance in the force!

Link to the dark side.

March 10, 2005

Keyboard customization to the MAX!

This is a really kewl idea. I'm not sure why no one else had thought of this yet. You have an empty slate in which to place 25 key caps in any, and I mean any configuration. Apparently Tom's Hardware has a has a total woody for this piece of kit, so click the link if you wanna check out what they have to say about it. It's called the Ergodex DX1.

Pros: Kewl as hell
Cons: It cost $150.00 USD. Ug.

Tom's Hardware review link

Official site.

March 09, 2005

What to do if you LOVE TV?

Hook up one of these! You know you wanna! So who really needs to have so much TV that you have to record it... X 6!!!!! When you have an HTPC, and plenty of free PCI slots you can hook up a pile of these puppies.

Link here, you TV addict you.

Robotic Dogs. W-R-O-O-F

Is it just me, or do these remind you of those sonic dogs in Half Life? Pretty soon DARPA (a pentagon think tank) will be designing these to take out El Queda terrorists everywhere. Chuck a M60 on that sucker, and man.. I don't wanna be around when it goes tinkle!

Scientific link of doom.

March 08, 2005

Privateer... a private affair

Wow.. someone or a group of someones actually created an independant remake of Privateer! It actually looks pretty decent!

Origins, without Origin!

You like Paris Hilton? How about some Pon Faar!

Geeks are us! UNITE! Click the link and you'll check out what geeks REALLY want in a girl... seriously! Ok.. not. Excellent little SNL skit.

C'mon treat me like an orc!

Have Projector will travel.

So you really like D & D huh? What, and you have a DLP projector? Hey, I know what you can do with that... set up the ultimate grognard, gaming geek tabletop platform! SAWEEET!!!!


The power of Google.

Check out this. Note, this MAY look like the Google you're used to, but there is a NEW autocomplete feature now. I was talking with my bud John about this, and like him I don't normally like autocomplete, however it works really well in this case.


Shop til you drop

We've been doing so much clothes shopping lately, that I know it's begun to affect me. Last night I had a dream about shopping, which is pretty much a first for me.. let alone most guys I'm sure. Probably these weekly visits to the West Ed Mall must be affecting me. I seem to remember something about buying a set of sneaks (black and blue) to match my track pants. Like I wear anthing that matches. HAH!

March 07, 2005

Norman Bate's favourite knifeblock.

Look at this great little knife block design. It is of course a little macabre, but man it is a kewl little bit o plastic. So for the Psycho that has everything, this is it! You can pick this up to house your collection of Shun Kershaws, Grand Wustovs, or Henkels. Nothing but the best for the psycho in you!

C'mon, you know you wanna make those Psycho sounds... Eeeee. Eeeee. Eeeee. Eeee!!!


Hakuto No Ken! Male Bashing style.

When you've had a bad date... try this. This was a pretty fun little flash game. Real anime style and lots of crazy over the top action. My record was only 660.80, let's see if you can top that!

Link for insane bike riding.

Hungry? Eat your Wang. Pass the salt.

GAH! I've heard of many things, but you gotta be real hungry if you have to eat your own winkie. UGGG! Thanks to Erl for finding this one. YUK!

News story linkie.

March 05, 2005

Bubble Drinks! Edmonton Style! no really!

Well, we're pretty happy to have found a fairly decent Bubble Tea joint in Sunny Edmonton. I had a very tasty taro slushie with pineapple jelly, and my significant other had a strawberry banana concotion with no pearls. Of course we got our stamp card since I can imagine coming back for more definitely! It was better than the West Ed Mall tea place by a long shot. I give it 9 / 10 Pearls. Yum! Oh yea, it was also next to Buddy Wonton Seafood House, so that's a bonus!

Dream Tea House
7912 - 104 St.
Edmonton, 988.7878

Baby was Kung Fu Fighting.

I finally felt the Baby kick! Pretty strange to have someone inside of you give you a 'Hakuto No Ken'. I wonder how Vicki feels? But it is a very intimate way of getting to bond with a fetus by having the little one perform strange calesthenics on your major organs I suppose. I cannot begin to imagine how that feels, short of watching Signourney Weaver go through it upteen times in the Alien sequels.

We're really beginning to feel a connection to this new life, and I'm sure it will only get more and more interesting as the pregnency comes along.

Constantine is constipated.

An entertaining movie with an entertaining premise. This movie was based on the comic series 'Hellblazer' and it looks like it's an entaining read. Yes kiddies, that's the word of the day... entertaining. The movie itself is fairly chock full of nice CG special effects, some of them perhaps a tad overdone, but if you're looking to get your 10+ bucks worth, I'd give it a yea man.

No spoilers here. Canoe... errr. Keanu does his usual brooding, squinty brow act, but he must have gotten some sort of voice coach for this role, as it has less of his surfer dude accent. WHOOAH! Dude.. where's my archangel?

At any rate, a solid 7 / 10 for this flick, and just barely worth the movie bucks, it definitely will make a good rental.

Comic book site link

movie site link

March 04, 2005

Good food, conversation, and friends.

Had a good time tonight. We went out with some co-workers of mine to an Indian restaurant. The restaurant was called Haweli, and the food was quite decent. Good prices, and good portions. Now, I know it's due to location, but I think there were only about three Indian workers there, so it was fairly odd being served by Caucasians. The hilight of the night was when my co-worker Jeff was accosted... errr got his neck en-scarfed by an enthusiastic belly dancer. As you can tell he was fairly happy about that.

Haweli Indian Cuisine
10220-103 Street, downtown Edmonton near the Old Spaghetti Factory.

After the meal we headed to the West Ed mall for a flick. A good night was had by all! Especially Jeff. Just kidding buddy, and no hard feelings from Ingrid his wife I hope. =>

March 03, 2005

Pork n Pahn. Together as one.

I'm still trying to decide if this is the best idea ever... or one of the worst. Nothin says decadent then being served pork products by hos. I think. Here's a quote from their website. Yup, that's right.. Baconwhores.com.
'Finally, you can have tasty, sizzling bacon, without all the shopping, planning, and preparation. Just schedule your appointment at baconwhores.com, and our trained experts will come and prepare bacon for you, exactly the way you like it.'
Link for bacon. MMmm... good!

March 02, 2005

So you think you know games? PAWNED!

Waka waka waka!

This is a pretty kewl little quiz one of my old co-workers located (no she's not old, the job was). Giver a go. I thought I knew games, but only scored a miserable 8!!! BOO!

Link man fever

Day 1 Job. So far so good!

Well, had my first day on the job. Orientation took an entire day filled with presentations. This was hilighted by a talk from the joint CEOs Ray and Greg. Always a nice touch when the head honchos deliver a speech to the newbies.

Got a swag bag with a mug, a water bottle, a shirt too big, and a copy of Knights! SCORE! Oh yeah.. the bag itself was swag too, one o dem funky one shoulder jobbie backpacks. NAAACE!

Now I'm official! Roxxorz!

When I got back home, I'd found that my honey got the job! Way to go Hon!


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