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October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween all!

It's a me.. Mario.. well.. actually Arwen.

We got a tiny bit into the halloween spirit this year, and dressed up our little one as the world's favourite Italian Plumber. Maybe that's appropriate seeing as the Nintendo Wii is coming out next month. => Was a little costume that we slapped together quickly, so don't get on my case... we'll do better next year. Honestly!

October 22, 2006

Ghosts, Ghouls n Goblins

This Friday we had a chance to do a 'ghostly walk in old strathcona'. It was a recounting of murder, hauntings, and history. A lot of the town was at it's most colourful, history wise, in the earlier part of the 20th century, and the tales reflected that. Stories of gruesome murders, horrific accidents, and premature entombments were the norm, or at least seemed like it according to our ghastly hostess. In case you are wondering about the tour, hit www.edmontonghosttours.com.

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T-giving in E-town

Before October ends, here's a little photographic commentary on Thanksgiving. Big biscuits, big turkey, big stuffing, big gravy, big deal! We had lots of food, good company, good music, and of course good times. Mmm.. Turkilicious!

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October 17, 2006

Snow Snow Snow

We finally got our first dumping of snow yesterday.

Apparently Arwen loved going out in it and seeing, feeling, touching the white fluffy stuff. Like daughter like mom! It started yesterday, and now we have about an inch or so of snow. Pretty, and it gets you into the holiday mode... albeit early.

*SIGH* Winter is upon us once again... fer real this time.


We were down in the states last year, and I was hankering for a new taste sensation. Suffice to say, that Coke's new treat Coke Blak was NOT it. I was looking all over for this hard to find little bottle, and finally scored some on the last couple of days of our vacation. Vinnie and Aurora were great, in accommodating my odd little search. The moment came when I screwed off the top, and took a taste. BLECH!!!! After all of the buildup, the moment of truth was less than anti-climactic.

Well, being the pig headed stubborn fool that I am, a couple of days ago, I spy said drink in a local WalMart. The next thing I knew, I'd gone through the checkout, and was once again unscrewing the cap of the unassuming beverage. Sure, give it another try I thought, maybe earlier on I had built it up too much I thought. So guzzle it down I did, for the second time. NOPE. Same craptastic taste sensation.

If you know anything about this drink, its a carbonated mix of CocaCola and Coffee mixed in careful proportions. I like iced coffee... I like Coke... why not mix it? Sounds gross? Well I figured, maybe the great CocaCola Company was on to something? Nuh uh... there is no redeeming value in this so called refreshment. I say to Coke, go back to the lab and make something worth drinking.

Once you go Blak, you never go back. Well I for one, will not.

October 11, 2006


Mmm. Mmm. Mmm... On my quest to find GTFs, or Green Tea Frappucinos, it started several years ago when Starbucks introduced it's version of liquid crack. I was hooked along with my wife and many of my friends. Ahh.. Bubble Tea one night, GTFs another night. Watch my ass get larger and larger! Suffice to say that my quest has brought me to the ultimate goal. Making my own GTF Crack-like liquid gold. Yup.. you heard me right, make yer own GTFs. Now the key to this is getting good quality Matcha poweder, not to be confused with the columbian type. It's Green Tea Powder grown in China or Japan. I found a great little place thanks to another fellow blogger in Edmonton. Nicely organic, and Grade 1. Whatever the fuck that means. All you need to know is that it's good, green and has the requisite taste. ok.. that's not Kermit's finger, or any inappropriate muppet joke.... Well.. On to the recipe!

Ol Skool GTF
1 teaspoon of Matcha powder
3 teaspoons of sugar. This can be substituted with part honey.
4 ozs. of warm Milk
14 ozs. of ice

Stir Matcha in warm milk until dissolved. Place ice and mix in Blender for 20 seconds, or until all ice chunks are blended well.. smoothly! you can optionally top with whip cream and sprinkle with Matcha or cocoa powder.

For the New Version that is currently being made, substitute the sugar with 1 oz of Melon Syrup. Optionally,
for a creamy Matcha Latte or Smoothie - substitute sugar and ice with vanilla ice cream.

October 01, 2006

Baby Birthday Days

This weekend found us at a co-worker's baby's second year birthday party. Had us some fun, food, and frolic. But of course this is all about the kids. The little munchkins ran all over the house, backyard, and of course all over the parents. Man.... Did I have this much energy when I was tiny? Ahh only to be two again, and free of taxation, worries, and general life headaches.


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