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the Klutzoplex... Present day
the here and now of the Klutzoplex

The Klutzoplex is in full effect! Click on the menu icons above to journey into the past, where work in progress has happened, or stick around and read about what gives the 'Plex, the flex, or even see what's in store for the future.

As you'll see below, the Klutzoplex is an evolving entity. With the emergence of DVD's as a mass market medium, and as new display and audio technologies become available, the Klutzoplex will continue to improve and grow.

- Klutzo

a view of the Klutzoplex 360 style
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what's powering the Klutzoplex
My Proxima 12.26.2000 X 1 Main monitorProxima DX3 DLP Front Projector
My Dalite screen xx.xx.1997 X 1 ScreenDaLite Hi Power
My little Wega 10.xx.2000 X 1 Auxiliary monitorSony 27" CRT Wega KV27FV16
I have two of these bad boys 11.xx.2000 X 2  Main SpeakersBoston Acoustics VR-M50
Got 1 of these as a centre channel 11.xx.2000 X 1 Centre ChannelBoston Acoustics CR-8
No Piccie  01.23.1998 X 2  Surround SpeakersEnergy Pro 1.5
My Sub 02.02.2001 X 1 Powered SubwooferEnergy ES-10
My DVD xx.xx.1998 X 1 DVD SourcePanasonic A110
No Piccie  xx.xx.1997 X 1 LD SourcePioneer LD Player
My AV Receiver 11.xx.2000 X 1 AV ReceiverPioneer VSX-509S (Now Sold to my father)
Stand and deliver! 02.02.2001 X 2 Speaker StandsLovan SSII 2900
The god of remotes! xx.xx.1998 X 1 Remote ControlMarantz RC2000 Mk I (Has been sold on Ebay)
The NEW King of Remotes! 05.18.2001 X 1 Remote ControlPhilips Pronto TS2000U
Nice Receiver! SWEET! 06.07.2001 X 1 AV ReceiverOutlaw 1050


current piccies of the Klutzoplex
The front of my HT
click pic to enlarge
02.02.2001 Here's a piccie of the front of the theatre. Click onto the piccie to get a zoom of it.
A view from the back of my HT
click pic to enlarge
02.02.2001 Here's a shot of the back of the theatre. Click the piccie to get a zoom of it.
Check out mah Remotes
click pic to enlarge
06.04.2001 Remotes? I got some! Big ones, small ones, thin ones, fat ones, short ones, long ones. I'm basically trying to replace them all with the Pronto. Gonna take some time though.