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What good would a movie house be if it never changed with the times or evolved? There is an infinite number of possibilities and things that people can do to increase the enjoyment of a small home theatre, or even a ginormouse Theatreplex. Add this, tweak that, it all goes towards a never perfect setup, but that doesn't mean we can't keep trying.


coming soon to the Klutzoplex
Coming Soon....
- Movie Curtains (Got some actual movie curtain Silver, and another set in Black)
Work in Progress...
- Movie Seat Restoration (Almost Complete)
Ordered, now waiting!
- Onkyo 575x AV receiver or the Outlaw 1050 6.1 AV Receiver (Got the Outlaw 1050!!!)
Pretty much done!
- X10 dimmer lights/switches... (Remote control every light and gear item)
Coming Soon...
- Conduit installation for Cat5 Network cabling, video and audio cabling (Going to use the In House Vacuum as the conduit. Skipping this plan now. All CAT5 is ok where it is)
Coming Soon...
- Movie Poster installations (Doin a cheap route so far)
Work in Progress...
- Full HTPC. Need to acquire the parts.. And of course.. STRAPPED FOR CASH! (Gathering little parts here and there)
Coming soon.
- THX, DTS, Digital Dolby wall plaques (Got the Dolby Digital one! Whoohoo!)