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home theatre links
home theatre links
the AV Science Ultimate forum Klutzo's favourite place to get Home Theatre information. Try it! You'll like it!
SMR AV forums Another Audio Video forum.
Ovation Software No HT should be without Avia's excellent calibration disc... Video Essentials.
Internet Movie Data Base Like to find out every little detail about a particular movie? Run don't walk here!
Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity Look here for a good glossary, and explanation of technologies
avsforum home theatres
the Klutzoplex You are already here! But this is a quick way of getting to the main page I 'spose!
the Cinema City Fellow AVS Forum member Steve's nice Home Theater.
SMDDOC's Home Theater Fellow AVS Forum member Shawn D's elegent Home Theater. Nice CRT projector.
the Newton Home Theater Fellow AVS Forum member Barry Newton's Home Theater which is under construction.
Berry Home Theater Fellow AVS Forum member Don Berry's garage Home Theater.
Wolff House Home Theater Fellow AVS Forum member Bwolff's Home Theater. Listen to the T2 theme!
A Woodworker's Home Theater Fellow AVS Forum member Perry's Home Theater. Nice comfy looking seats and custom hush box!
Mark's Theater Fellow AVS Forum member Mark's Home Theater.Great detailed shots of how he converted his garage!
The Flipped Bit Home Theater Fellow AVS Forum member Ron Hanson's Home Theater. Clean simple living room arrangement!
The Best Films and Home Theater Fellow AVS Forum member Brajesh's Home Theater. Clean layout, and an extensive list of many member's theater links too!
Digital Celluloid Fellow AVS Forum member Soda Pop's Home Theater. Even with home made marquees and faux snack bar!
The Fortress of Solitude Fellow AVS Forum member Mark Torre's Home Theater. Very elegent home theatre. Great posters!
Fat Bulldog Home Theater Fellow AVS Forum member Brain's Home Theater. Good website, nice seats, and even comes complete with a... you guessed it... fat bull dog!
Matt's Home Theater Fellow AVS Forum member Matt's Home Theater. A nice living room HT.
the Caravella HTgameroom Fellow AVS Forum member Joe's Home Theater. Very elegent, and not only does he have a slot machine but a Dreamcast too!
the Cellar Fellow AVS Forum member Greg Jone's Home Theater. Gotta love that funky curtain and nice classic retro seats!
the Miniplex Fellow AVS Forum members David & Kirsten's Home Theater. Look for the ID4 toy! I like the film strip moulding that goes around the top of the Theatre.
the Jenkin's Home Theater Fellow AVS Forum members Paul & Diane's Home Theater. Nice clean setup. Take a look at the custom FP mount.
Roger Clark's Home Theater Fellow AVS Forum member Roger Clark's Home Theater. Nice use of space, and a nice rack of equipment. Here's a quick way of getting some piccies up gang, just sign up for Zing.com!
home theatre personal computer (HTPC) links
HTPC links and favourites Good link site with HTPC components and software developers.
Cliff Notes Cliff Watson's good FAQ on HTPC. Elementary my dear Watson.
How to build an HTPC AVS Forum thread with many good message threads on how to build a Home Theatre Personal Computer.
DVD Infomatrix This site has some good reviews and links for DVD software players and utilities.
DVD Profiler DVD cataloging system. This one is Klutzo's favourite. Use it with a Cuecat!
Goldstein Software Use this piece of software, Catnip, in conjunction with DVD Profiler for an awesome combination.
DVD software player links
Cyberlink Home of the popular PowerDVD software DVD player.
Intervideo Home of the software DVD player, WinDVD.
miscellaneous HTPC software links
DVD Genie DVD Genie allows you to play DVDs from other countries by removing the Region Coding. DVD Genie also allows you to select which program runs when a DVD disc is inserted into the drive and contains support for full screen zooming on wide screen movies with certain players
DScaler Home of the software solution for deinterlacing external signal. What does that mean? It'll make your console, VCR, LD or DVD player look better if you are using an HTPC. (Formerly called dTV)
YXY Use this in conjunction with your software DVD player on your computer to change your aspect ratio.
LightTEK Home of the software windows shell, Talisman.
Entech Here's where you can find Powerstrip. Use this to set up custom resolutions and colour schemes
Girder Home of Girder. This application helps you to automate and batch up HTPC commands
gaming links
gaming links
GuessWork Games Makers of the Mafia card game. Great for Parties!
Gamespot Great source for gaming info for PC & Console.
PC Gamer On-line Klutzo's favourite gaming magazine on line link.
Half Life Mod and Add on links
Official Counter Strike site Touted to be one of the best mods/addons of all time. Note: You need Half Life.
Official Day of Defeat site One of the more popular Half Life mods. Nazi's vs Yanks. Like Saving Private Ryan? Now you can play it too! Note: You need Half Life in order to play.
Player and Clan Ratings Want to know how good you or your clan is in Counterstrike? Quake? UNreal?
Counterstrike clan search Want to find out info on your counterstrike clan?
Classic Arcade Emulation links
MAME Arcade Game emulation at it's finest. MAME! (Multi-Arcade Machine Emulation)
Classic Gaming Interested in classic games, arcade or console? Check dis out!
Mameworld Grat place for mame information and links.
Mame.dk ROMs One of the biggest ROM sites around.
BYOAC The best place to find out how to finally build that arcade machine of your dreams!
miscellaneous links
miscellaneous links
Purple Bear Purple Bear's general site for food, friends, and FUN!
KeithLoh My Bro's site of Movie reviews, writings, and blogg!
Webtapus Designs Site Graphic, Web, Logo, Print Designers and webhost for the Klutzoplex.
Dogpile Klutzo's favourite meta search engine. (Super search engine)
Aint it cool news Wanna find out the latest Hollywood rumours? Check here... but watch for spoilers!
The Onion Great place for news article spoofs. Warning, it's a little slow to load.
Sharkey Extreme Excellent place to find out about the latest PC Hardware.
Rotten Tomatoes If you want to see what movies to watch, or avoid, this site amalgamates on line critic reviews into one spot.
How Stuff Works Excellent page if you are curious as to how things operate. Great diagrams too!
VVPhone Technologies Check out this up and coming company for their new Video Phone product, and real time on the fly billing system!