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I've always been an arcade kid ever since I started skipping school to go to the local laundromat to play Phoenix, and Crazy Climber. What a rush as a teen being in a dark place with monitors glowing their sparkly pixel magic everywhere. Digitized beeps, boops and of course the synonymous sine wave sounds of Video Games blasting from every direction. Ever since the early 80's I've been sold on the whole video game craze. This little project allows me to re-live my past, and brings back my fond memories of teenage freedom.


the Klutzoplex's Arcade Mame Project
  Intro Most good movie theatres have at least a small arcade to while away the time waiting for the movie to start.
No Piccie  xx.xx.1998 Picked up a Midnight Resistance arcade game a couple of years ago. What could be more authentic than a real arcade machine?
Gotta have an Arcade amchine
click pic to enlarge
04.12.2001 I picked up a podium with a 17" monitor in it for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! I love it. It came loaded with bnc connectors, adapters, cables, a power bar, a couple of keyboards, and a couple of mice. When I first looked at it what did I think? MAME CABINET! For those who don't know what Mame is, it stands for Multi arcade Machine Emulator. A great piece of shareware that lets you play all the classic games like Pacman, Frogger, Galaga, Tempest, and so forth. Roms were gathered from ACTUAL arcade machines, and put into an emulatable format. Did you know that Asteroids was only about 10K worth of code? But it is OH SO KEWL! This podium has a wood grain finish... is of course particle board, and has castor wheels on it... SWEET. The angle is a little wrong, but oh well, you can't have everything.
No Piccie 04.14.2001 Gnome and I went to another auction. She was bored silly, but I thank her for accompanying me. Thanks hon! She also helped me stuff the podium into the little Honda. Oh my.. the thing only fit in about half way into the hatchback! Needless to say with a lot of struggling, and slow driving we got it to my house. It's a nice cabinet! I cleaned up the inside, and removed all the thousands of feet of cabling from the cabinet, and cleaned it up a bit. Lots of room inside for a PC... SWEET! Then I did a stupid thing that night... I was imagining playing an active game of mame, and was jostling around the cabinet.... BAD IDEA... A piece of wood paneling fell off the podium and smashed my toe. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. Needless to say, STUPID. My toe is still semi compressed and has a huge scab on it. DOH!
No Piccie 04.18.2001 I borrowed an old notebook from work and loaded that sucker with my Mame games. Mmmm.. Mamalicious! I installed it into the cabinet, hooked up a keyboard, and away I went. Excellent! I had a few games of Galaga, Snow Brothers, Ms. Pac Man, Dig Dug... and so forth.. Love it.
No Piccie 04.19.2001 Brought home my old arcade style joystick from my folks place (They weren't using it anyhoo). Essentially it's a joystick that repeats keyboard commands... perfect for mame, or so I thought. I can't get the sucker to work! DOH! After playing with it for a couple of days.. it's going to sit idle.. unfortunately. I'm going to have to wire up some real controls meethinks.
No Piccie 05.06.2001 Went to a bunch of garage sales today... I saw a Logitech Trackman Marble FX... the one with the big red ball on it. D00d was selling it for 20 bux... Of course, I forget about mame, and look at it for a while.. then I pass it by! 20 bux CDN! DOH! So I am kicking myself for the next couple of days...
www.ubid.com 05.11.2001 I found a Logitech trackman marble FX on ubid.com. Not bad price... I bid on it, and Won it! WHOO HOO! I just hope they ship to me now... => When I get it, it will be PERFECT for Centipede, Missile Command, Marble Madness etc!
No Piccie 05.24.2001 Having problems with Ubid, they will not ship to a Canadian address... but I do have a Backup! Thanks Vinny and Intelgal!
No Piccie 05.29.2001 Had fun going to a police recovery auction today with Max. Picked up two typewriters, a dead monitor, two HP4 500 sheet trays, 1 P90 with monitor and mouse, 1 386 with monitor and mouse for $25.00 CDN! Well, we chucked out the typewriters, one monitor was dead, so both got canned immediately. I checked out the paper trays, and they fit perfectly on my HP4! SWEET! Both trays I bid for 5 dollars!
www.ebay.com 06.01.2001 Ubid seems to be screwing around with me.. I found a big balled Trackball on Ebay and got it for a buck. Not too bad! I'm just waiting for it to be delivered.
No Piccie 06.03.2001 Max and I ripped apart the 2 pcs, gutted the drives, floppies, vid cards, cables, a CDROM, and tested out the monitors. Before we did that, we found both machines worked perfectly, but for resale value, we wouldn't get too terribly much... We needed the components, and did not want the hassle of selling the machines, then buying new crap. Max traded the cases, a bunch of jewel cases, an old Model 80 (weighs like 50 lbs!), and some misc stuff for a discount on a 20 inch Big Blue monitor. I think we got 20 bux for the lot! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So now I think I have almost enough stuff for a mame machine.
No Piccie 06.06.2001 So I used the 800Mb hard drive (almost too small for the mame roms!), a small ati PCI video card, 128 Mbs of RAM (Proabably too much), 8X CDROM, and I put in my Fortisimo sound card into the mame cabinet. My case is a 24" tower, so that BARELY fit into my cabinet. In fact I had to take out the cover and casing for the sucker to fit in! Crazy. Copied an old mame source, and the sucker's working. Excellent! Unfortunately, the old Mame I'm using doesn't recognize the sound card... *SIGH* oh well.. almost done though.
No Piccie 01.01.2001 Found out about a great service. Tombstone.net or something like that. They have an international network of "Burners" that will burn you the latest MAME ROMS onto CD's! Is that sweet or what??? Needless to say, I paid some guy 10 bux US, and got over 3000 ROM images! No need to go hunting around for them now! YEEHAW!!!
No Piccie 01.07.2002 Did some scrounging and actually FOUND four PC cases, and misc parts in a dumpster downtown... I was passing by, so I wasn't really dumpster diving... An ISP was going out of business and I happened to be around at the time!
No Piccie 02.02.2002 Turns out to be 2 AT cases, and 2 ATX cases. One of the AT cases was pretty kewl, had a neat LCD display on it. I tried, and turned it into a littel Linux box. Seems to work well. One of the AT cases, had a tiny Hard Drive and a bunch of stuff. All together salvaged a floppy, 2 small hard drives, some video cards, network cards, a 5.25" floppy.
No Piccie 02.03.2002 Chucked out two of the cases. One ATX, and one AT case. Am using the small ATX case as my MAME machine now.
Defender! Pacman! DIgDug! Donkey Kong!
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02.09.2002 Did some woodworking, sawing, and a bit of smashing. I took out the top shelf of the Podium, and put in some risers for the monitor. The Monitor before lay pretty flat, and many people had difficulty seeing the screen. Now I have it elevated and tipped upwards for easy viewing. Seems to be doing the trick!
The innards of the Mame machine
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02.10.2002 My ol Celeron 300A, and the salvaged 1.3Gig HD as well as a 4X CDRom are all in the MAME cabinet now. Set the whole thing up, and now we have Win98 as well as MAME with ArcadeOS running on this sucka. Works great. I had to haul out my old PCI ATI card from the machine, but replaced it with a faster AGP cheapo ATi I had lying around. Now the games play MUCH faster... much better refresh rate.
Gnome and Klutzo
click pic to enlarge
02.10.2002 Hacked the windows bootup file, so now everyone knows that this is a Klutzoplex Arcade machine.
Here's the Trackball
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02.10.2002 Here's the Trackball hiding in a shelf.
Out of service!
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02.10.2002 When the machine is off, I put this Out of Service burlap over it. This was found at an old Theater. It was left behind, so I'm using it to cover up my Mame Machine.
No Piccie 02.21.2002 Checked out an Arcade distributor, and picked myself up a set of Buttons, and two sticks! The Sticks aren't, but look like HAPP controls, and I also am now waiting for my IPAC to come from the UK. Also picked up a Trackball too! YEEHAW!
No Piccie 02.25.2002 My IPAC, and Optipac came today! Can't wait to get everything hooked up!
Pre control panel
QUICK! hit the inviso BUTTON!!!
click pics to enlarge
02.27.2002 Here's the Podium before I start doing the control panel, and here's a buddy of mine enjoying a nice relaxing game of Stargate.
Buttons Buttons everywhere! I picked up 16 buttons.
click pic to enlarge
02.27.2002 Some of the controls laying around, pre-installation.
Control Panel Box... just fitting.
Bit more construction on the CP.
Another view of the Control Panel housing.
click pics to enlarge

Went to Home Despot to pick up some MDF. MAN That stuff is HEAVY!!!
Did some cutting with a Jig saw, made measurements according to my Podium Mame Cab. Here's some piccies of the various stages. Wood glue is Da Bomb!

Before drilling the Layout
Happy times! Drillin, and making sur ethe buttons fit!
click pics to enlarge

Found a fella on www.arcadecontrols.com who had some drawings of a trackball in Adobe Illustrator format. Since I use Corel Draw, I converted, then chucked it in, drew out some buttons, a Joystick, a Spinner, and voila! Played around a bit with the layout,a nd found a control panel layout I liked. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend spending time on the layout before you drill. I'll post a link soon with my Layout so you can download it.

Went to Kinkos to get print out my Control Panel. WARNING!!!! Don't go to a busy one.. they tend ot forget you, and I had to go back 4 times to get it done!

Here's some piccies of the layout, on the MDF, and soe piccies with the drillin commencing. Use a Power Drill, and avoid the cordless ones, or you'll be recharging alot!

The control panel with the controls actually in!
I love it when a plan comes together!
click pics to enlarge

YEEEHAW! Finally able to actually play a game of Robotron, and Joust! VIVA LA MAME!

Priming the box
Nothing a bit of Blue spray paint wont spruce up.
click pics to enlarge

Used some KILLZ on the MDF box to give it a paintable surface. I used 2 coats of KILLZ.

Used some Satin finish Blue spray paint. I think it came out decent enough. I'm going to do a bit more sanding, then give it another quick coat of blue though.

Quick Swap control panel!
click pic to enlarge

Notice the silver peg? There are two pegs holding the CP (Control Panel) in place. To secure the metal pegs are cotter pins. So, the idea is that if I want to build another control panel, I can pop out the cotter pins, remove the pegs, and pop in the next control panel! Dirt simple!

Wires everywhere!
Take a look at the IPAC here.
click pics to enlarge

Here's some shots of the wiring. It does the job, but it's a tad messy. I used a bit of solder, but mainly quick connects.

No Piccie 03.10.2002

Got my Oscar restrictors and spinner today. They look pretty sweet... However the paint job could use some work.. I think their starting to flake a bit already.

I worked on some Plexi today, and used fairly thin stuff. Cut out the CP dimensions, drilled some holes, and so forth. My advice when working on Plexi, go SLLLOOOW! Also when scoring holes, I used my Spade bit (Hole cutting bit) in reverse to score the hole, then worked from the other side of the Plexi, and completed the cut. Drilling seems to be my weak point. I think I almost cracked it a few times. go VERY slowly here. Near the end, perhaps if you run the drill in reverse, that may do the trick.

No Piccie 03.12.2002

Well... SHIT! I cracked the plexi... after all that hard work.. *SIGH* I guess I'm going to go the painted route. CRAP!!!!

Starting to use the dremel... using another piece of MDF as a guide.
Closeup of the dremel router tool.
Another view of the dremel in action.
click pics to enlarge

Here's some shots of me using my Dremel router.. Man It is SAHWEEET!!!!

One coat of Killz primer should do it.
click pic to enlarge

Using some of that KILLZ stuff I used on the control box. Basically prime it first, then layer it with Melamine paint and some laquer paint.

Some slow drying melamine purple paint. 14 hours to dry 1 coat!!!
click pic to enlarge

Being putting layers of that Melamine paint.. nice purple, but it settles REALLY quickly, and dries VERY slowly. About 14 hours + !!!!

Quick Swap control panel!
click pic to enlarge

Check out the ALMOST finished Control Panel!!! Had some friends ova playing Toobin, Puzzle Bobble, and Tempest! I FINALLY got the Trackball working, and it ROCKS! Was playing Marble Madness, Centipede, and Missile Command. Mmmm... Nummy!

Fun at the Klutzoplex!
click pic to enlarge

Another arcade addict gets her fix of Tetris and Frogger. Mamealicious!!!

My Ol' cab
click pic to enlarge

This ol' cab. A future Bob Villa project! There must be some nice original art underneath all that crap gray paint! I'm sure of it! Hmmm.. I smell another project!!!!

Old meets new
click pic to enlarge

Here's the Mamealicious cab with my old cab. Old meets New!

  Next Going to get my Tron / Gorf Stick hack working.