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April 27, 2005

Too much money...

Too little time to collect games.. but this person wasn't!

What to do if you have a nigh unlimited budget, and really really love console gaming? Well, you could blow about $50,000 on consoles, accessories, games, and of course, outfit your house to look like a giant NES!

Check out this crazy collector here!

April 26, 2005

Hail to Mutha nature.

Zoiks! After a couple of weeks of high teens and low twenties temperatures, it dropped down to about 5 degrees this afternoon.

Very strange! It even started to hail in buckets. Not the mythical golfball sized ones, but in tiny meteorite sized ice balls. So we headed into the mall to take shelter fore a while.

Blog slowdowns?

Yeah.. yeah.. I know.. I've been pretty lax on the whole Blogging thing. It's still lots of fun, and it's a great repository for my brain blurbs, as well as a good spot for the strange an unusual, but Damn.. this World of Warcraft thing is really addicting. My bud and I, Ed, have been adventuring for a while and we're around Level 20 now. At any rate, it's a ball, and highly addicting.

If you have some spare time (ok alot of spare time) it's a great way to adventure. Or get a pasty radiation tan.. one of the two.

Mmm.. Malaysian Food

Found a couple of pretty decent Malaysian restaurants over the last week or so. One's called Malaysian Kitchen, and the other was Brunei Kitchen. For some reason, they all like the Kitchen nomer. Well, as long as it's good, It could be called house of crap for all I care. They were actually pretty decent both, but I give the edge to the Malaysian Kitchen. Pretty good homestyle Malaysian cooking.


April 21, 2005

Bite my shiny metal mod!

Good News Everybody!

Man.. I love Futurama. when I saw this awesome case mod, I said to myself.. I gotta make it... then my senses came to me.. but damn it look good!
The site's in Norweigan, but it still looks great. Which reminds me, that our old Mailman looked almost exactly like Dr. Farnsworth. Really!

Oh no.. I'm boned!

April 15, 2005

One of the strangest games ever to grace this big blue marble of ours. Now it's gotta say something about the state of video game production. Really... people making games about frigging sticking a finger in the asses of passersby. No really.. that's the premise of this game. Oh and also.. it's a coin op, not a hom econsole title. So you can't relaly play it in the err.. comfort of your own home, people get to see you insert coins into this bizarre MOFO of a game.

Link for more info.

Oh yeah.. the piccie? Apparently they were mascots dressed up as a giant finger poking girl, and yes, a camo wearing turd creature.... err of some sort.

April 14, 2005

Rain? I mean.. RAIN?


I think so far.. this is the first rain we've seen since we've moved here. Not sure what I think... either we miss Vancouver a bit, or F*ck the rain! I love the sunshine here! Heh.. But it sure makes the grass grow green.

Name that tune!

Can you name those video game tunes? These choral students did an excellent job on video game tunes... acapella no less! Check out the video here!

Singy link here.

April 11, 2005

Rex walking down the aisle?

Hehehehe. Vicki had a dream last night, that our very own Dairy Queen was getting Married this Thursday.. Any truth to this?

C'mon you cannot deny it!!!!

April 10, 2005

oh WoW!

Yup... that's right.. I've started to play WoW a bit now.. errr. ok alot.. For those not in the know.. WoW.. is short for World of Warcraft. It's Blizzard's Magnum Opus of On Line Games. Also known as a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer On-Line Roll Playing Game). Leveled up to 9 in a couple days. Damn.. it's brutally addicting.. anyhoo, if you're adverturing, I'm a Dwarven Hunter on the Llane server. Name.. Pubeard. when you see me, you'll see why. =>

April 07, 2005


This one is pretty fun. If you like your DDR, and you like your Rapalicious tunes, then check this out. Be sure to see the Video definitely!

Peace out.


April 06, 2005

Mm.. Mecha-licious.

Dang this thing looks powa foo! It looks like it came out of Battletech, and these wacky Japanese have something that zooms around. While the Gatlin gun doesn't exactly work, it's still pretty neat looking. You can translate using Babelfish, but you may wanna check out the vid.

Link: Mech to the Future

April 03, 2005

Classic Comedy. Chris Rock Style

I always thought Chris Rock was pretty witty, but I hadn't actually caught any of his specials. Throught he power of the internet his 'Bigger and Blacker' album appeared on my hard drive. I know I know.. it's an old 1999 show, like get something newer eh Kev? I'll try to fond something newer. But this guy's pretty funny.. had me grinnin like an idiot a couple of times. Do yourself a favour, and if you haven't heard the whole album, pick it up.

April 02, 2005

Edmonton? Footloose?

Pretty strange, we were watching Footloose on More Much Music. For some reason I was equating the sleepy little hick town with Edmonton.. hehehe.. You know previous misconceptions sometimes throw you, but Ed city seems quite cosmopolitan.

However when I was at a London Drugs, I asked the clerk a question. 'hey, how's that sushi place across the street'? She looked like a twenties something fairly trendyish person, so thought my question was directed appropriately. I was fairly shocked when she said... 'sorry, I don't know, I've never eaten sushi in my life'. I was a bit flaberghasted, but hey, I guess not everyone is as culinarily adventerous as me. Sheeya right. At any rate the sushi was just adequate.

April 01, 2005

Super pad for Super Mario.

There's nothing better than playing a good round of Super Mario Brothers. Well.. nothing better than having an eight full long giant NES controller that is. Make sure to check out the video.

Link to the story.

Link to the video.

Star Wars 3. WTF?

At work, they've been really nice enough to organize a screening of the new Star Wars flick everyone's been going gaga over. Unfortunately it's not really an advance screening (about 5 days after it hits the theaters). However, the staff here are nutzo for Lucas. Lots of images, trailers, and even the script hit our share drives, so I'm sure the IT guys are hatin on the traffic. HA! I know it was stupid of me, but I HAD to read a bit of the script.... Unfortunately I read the part where it told you Anakin was actually NOT Darth Vader... WTF? I stopped reading right there, and figured I'd not spoil it anymore for myself. =<

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