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January 31, 2005

Girl Cooties!!!

This goes in the disgusting file. Now seriously, you don't wash your hair for 11 years, you look like a dude, and you're a chemical engineer? I mean a CHEMICAL FREAKIN' ENGINEER? WASH YER DAMN MOP FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!
Wash your hair

Do you eat the red one's last?

Yes, yes I know that's the smarties tag line. So sue me. But if you have the time, and the mad skillz, you too can put together an M&M candy color sorter!
Link has video too

Indie game development doesn't have to suck

Got my hands on this little Indie gem, and I have to say it's fairly entertaining. Kinda a cross between Asteroids and Robotron. But get this, you shoot blobs of paint in order to turn your 'mono' existence into one of pure psychadelic technicolor. Only a few megs, definitely give this one a go! Also checkout their Tetris clone as well.
Get mono

Janet Jackson's boob. 'Nuf said

You remember the last superbowl? Wanna know what REALLY happened?
Then click away

Men in tights.... Sooooo gay!

The Marvel universe is gay. There I said it. Well, here's a hilarious bit of writing, by some guy that has waaaay too much time, but you gotta love his sense of humor!
Click the links marked Issue #1, Issue#2, etc.

January 30, 2005

FORK YOU! Oh... yeah...

So she says to me, "I stick this fork in my eye, apply some elmer's glue, and I get more action than using that funky cold medina crap"! Really! The latest fad in Japan is apparently to glue your upper eyelid together to make you instantly more attractive to guys. Ummm.. yeah.
great video of the eye glueing technique

January 29, 2005

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight! Nintendo style!

Hehehe.. I said Wang. So you think that Mario is straight? Chun Li's a Nun? Well.. check out this great little article created by those who really have too much time huntin for pixels! The Cho Aniki series is definitely the one to see for the ultimate in strange Vid Game sex.
Click for the strange and unusual

Then they were all alone.

Looks like Barry Williams has just had his second divorce. Nonono! Not to Lenny Kravitz, however he's no stranger to the D word either. Hmm.. they do look like a cute couple?!?
click to read about his wife dumping Greg Brady

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

I tendered my resignation at work yesterday. It was a touching afternoon, with many many of my colleagues wishing me well. I will miss all the guys and gals there. Oh.. yeah, about that logo? That was the shirt I wore to work on D-day. Surprising the power of advertising, most did not notice the slight change in copyright infringement.

January 28, 2005

Don't eat the yellow snow!

What do you do if your car is trapped in an avalanche, and have 60 brewskies lying in the trunk? Pee to freedom!!!
click to read the details

Seriously... Drive thru strip club... no seriously!

You know... Often times I'd be driving along, and say to myself, 'self, wouldn't it be just great if I can get an eyeball full of booty without the annoying inconvenience of exiting my car and actually entering a strip club'? Nick Fratangelo pretty much has the answer to any frat boy's dream. Fast and Furious meets Fabulous Fanny. Ok.. I know that's gotta be the title of some X-rated movie. Anyone care to verify it?
linky for booty news

They should call this the iPood

What do you get when you cross a crapper with a sophisticated musical device? Well... a toilet that not only intelligently cleans at a 'nano level', scents the air with non bowel smelling perfume, and music! I guess an MP3 attachment is coming soon?
click to see the press release
to translate for you gaijins out there

Fidgital? What is that... Internet Porn?

Continuing on the Cyber Sex theme, I saw Fidgital last night at their CD release party for their new disc "Renovations: condo life remix'd". They had a great sound, with Keithy G. doing some great acrobatics on the keyboards! Fidgital was opened by Trev Chan and his gang.. 'No Luck Club' and they definitely were burnin up the turn tables. If you have the chance check em both out! Support your indie artists and pick up their CD. MP3 ripping is great when you have an artist that makes $50 million bucks in a single tour, but these guys are starving artists. Ok... for those of you who were waiting for a cyber sex link.. There is none! SURPRISE!!
Fidgital's official site
No Luck Club's official site

No glove... No love.

Yup.. that's what I thought when I first saw this too... Two words... Cyber Sex. At any rate.. kewl prezzie I got for my Bday from my buddy Mikey! Thanks! I'm gonna totally roxxors on you in HL2 now! L33T!!!!!

January 27, 2005

What Would Wynona Wear?

Hmm.. if only Wynona had worn this belt of POWER! None would stand in her way!!! MOUHAHAHAHAHAHA
Click here

DJs should rot in hell.

What do you get when you mix tasteless morning DJ's with one of the world's worst disasters? Comedy? Meethinks not.

What a jerk!

"I've spent 5 years training in the military as a bomb squad technician. I know I can do this.. I know I can do this...

Vancouver Web Cam

This is a great little webcam of Vancouver I found. Great for those people that want to check out the West coast o Canada.
Click to see Vancouver

January 26, 2005


Here's the first post of my blog. Not sure if this is going to go anywhere, but hey... why not!

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