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June 25, 2006

Men at work... Party in the park.

On Thursday our work hosted the usual Staff Barbeque. For those who are from the south, not a true BarBQ, but more of a grillin party.

Work really knows how to throw a bash however, and since we have almost 300 people, it's NO SMALL EVENT. Mini golf, face painting, a Bouncy Castle, Sack Races, Kidz Trampoline, Soccer, Frisbee, and not to mention the food! Beef on a bun with gravy, chicken/nofaceveggie/beef burgers, hot dogs, nofacelasagna, caesar salad, coleslaw, Dzert, whatever your heart desires pretty much.

Nice thing is, they do this a couple times a year! Mmm.. my mouth is watering just thinking about it again.
It was hosted in a very nice park called Hawrelack park (spel.) which had a nice mosquito... err manmade lake. Very picturesque though. At the bottom of the page after the jump.

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June 24, 2006

My Happy Bithday

HOLY Melting candles batman!

Arwen's one today! A year ago, our little bundle of joy emerged kicking and screeming into this world. Well.. not much else has changed.. she's still kicking and screaming, albeit for minute differences. She is a big bigger tipping the scales at around 19 lbs or so, and has a taste for banana loaf (her birthday cake thanks to mom)! Little Dumpling face enjoyed her little party, and piccies will be going up shortly.

Oh yeah, did I mention... ONE YEAR OLD!

Addendum: Here are the promised piccies.

June 23, 2006

Rebel without a hog

*SIGH* Yup... I did it.

With the new responsibilities of Fazhahood, bills piling up, the infrequent riding schedule, I've given up my baby. Well of COURSE not Arwen! My other baby, my little 550 cc Yamaha 1980 classic cruiser. *double sigh* Good thing is, I sold it to a guy at work, and he said anytime I wanted to ride it, come on over. What a nice offer that I'd love to take him up on.

Maybe when I'm 50 I'll have enough cash to buy a Harley or an old Norton.

Time will tell, and til then the young Brando in me will keep drooling whenever I hear the familiar 'thrum thrum thrum' of a two wheeled conveyance.

June 15, 2006

The tooth of the matter

Gnash Gnash Gnash!

Arwen sure is getting the full use of her teeth. She's chompin on everything, and she now has 5 little ivories. Putting your hands nearby her mouth, is like playing Milton Bradley mousetrap. You never know when that little cage will snare your mouse.... errr finger.

June 05, 2006

Just point and shoot.

Ahhh.. as you may have guessed, I've upped my photography urges with the purchase of a snazzy Canon 20D. I gotsta tell ya, if you haven't tried a digital SLR, man.. you do NOT know what you are missing. Shots seem so much more precise, the quality is outstanding, and it seems that you have sooo much more control over what you can do. Of course, I'm still ending up taking just baby shots of Arwen with it, but they are much nicer, and gee.. suitable for framing! =>

The sucker of course weighs a ton, so as I have told many of my friends, family, the best combo to have is still a micro shirt pocket cam, and a dSLR. Really, don't spend uneccessary mulah on a half way camera. Those pretend dSLRs and such. Sure, they're not too bad, but you are already spending 2/3rds of the cost on it anyways, just really go all the way.

Listen to me now, or believe me later.

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