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June 23, 2006

Rebel without a hog

*SIGH* Yup... I did it.

With the new responsibilities of Fazhahood, bills piling up, the infrequent riding schedule, I've given up my baby. Well of COURSE not Arwen! My other baby, my little 550 cc Yamaha 1980 classic cruiser. *double sigh* Good thing is, I sold it to a guy at work, and he said anytime I wanted to ride it, come on over. What a nice offer that I'd love to take him up on.

Maybe when I'm 50 I'll have enough cash to buy a Harley or an old Norton.

Time will tell, and til then the young Brando in me will keep drooling whenever I hear the familiar 'thrum thrum thrum' of a two wheeled conveyance.

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