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August 26, 2005

Ship of cools

So you really like Popsicles and revello bars? Well if you REALLY like them, you could attempt what this fellow did. He created a Viking longboat made up of 15 million popsicle sticks! Yup! Fifteen MILLION!!!!!




August 25, 2005

My Aunt cant?

My Auntie came today to visit us, and give us a helping hand with the little tyke. Hopefully her incessant crying won't drive her away, and prevent her from visiting us again!

Just kidding!

August 22, 2005

BEE all that you can be

Well.. Wasps at any case. nasty fucking little buggers... there has been an influx of these things into the Edmonton area. I find them just as useless as Mosquitos. One zapped me on the arm as I was carrying Arwen. No idea why the bugger got me.. perhaps I squished him in my armpit or some fool thing. At any rate, hate those things.

Link to news story.

August 20, 2005

Red Pill? or Blue Pill?

Well, not quite the Matrix that you're thinking of, but we took delivery of a Metallic Meteorite 4WD Matrix today. Not my first choice, as i really wanted the sport model, but in these Albertan winters I'm sure the All Wheel Drive will help out. It's an interesting vehicle with a strange dimensional anomoly. It seems relatively small outside, but when you step inside, due to the bluging rooflines, and other nifty little tricks, it can fit 5 full sized over 6 foot tall adults quite comfortably. I've also read in other Matrix forums that people were able to fit 40+ inch TVs, hot water tanks with boxes, etc. in the very capacious trunk. Fold down the seats and watch it work.

We're pretty happy with this, and expect quite reasonable gas mileage to boot!

Ninguna Agua

GAH!!!! Woke up this morning, changed a diaper, and what do we find? They'd shut off the water. Possibly they drained the reservoir from the hydrants nearby? Shut them off? Water Main went down? Well... could be any of the above. Internally, no worries, but having no water.. you start rationing the H20 quite quickly. Well I guess it forces us to get out of the house.


August 19, 2005

Holy Burnt Toast Batman!

Coming home from work today, I saw huge, gouts of flame coming from what seemed to be the location of our house. My first thought was that my wife had burnt another pot of rice again (that would make it three)! Just kidding honey... the apartment building right across the lane from us apparently EXPLODED. Some sort of Propane tank went off.

Our neighbour across the street (the other direction) had apparently just bought a place in that project too, which was shitty timing. Many of my fellow Bioware colleagues had hastily evacuated nearby buildings. I never knew so many of them lived around our vacinity! Additionally, there was also rumour of the fire spreading and possibly setting off other chain reactions from nearbypropane tanks. This would mean further evacuation of the surrounding blocks which included us. We noticed about 15 police cars, several large fire trucks and other vehicles of authority parked about, blocking off most access to the streets around the fire site.

We decided to head off to dinner, and when we returned, the fire was definitely more under control. Acrid smoke still assaulted our noses, and there was a goodly amount of haze hanging around.
The fire came on the first sunny day following three days of fairly intense rain, which seemed odd. If you look at the news story, the large building is where Bioware's offices are located.

Note the nice rainbow that formed from the preventative soaking from the water cannon.

News Story Link

August 17, 2005

10th Planet!

No It's not Krypton!

Apprently they've had this discovery on the books for a while, but only recently has it come into the open. Planet 2003UB313 (sounds like some new Hard Drive standard), has quite an eccentric orbit, thus has been hard to spot until the last few years.

Planet news link

August 15, 2005

Here's my pope impersonation

Here's a new set of photos up for baby Arwen. Lots of cute little shots I thought, boy she's chock full a expressions she is!

Link to Arwens' new Photos

The older gallery of photos as well

August 12, 2005

Poor Kanga

Here's a very bambi like feel to this true story. Keith Gallard from Fidgital is in Australia, and he found this poor baby kangaroo (joey) by the side of the road. Read em and weep.

Poor little guy....

Link to story

August 11, 2005

neat style

I really dig this photogropher's style. Really rich, over saturated colours, and some very nice composition. You know that she's had lots of time setting up shots, props etc, but it all works very well together. Her colours are simply awesome. Some are very surreal, in a good way.

Link to photography

August 10, 2005

Sometimes you feel like this.

Totally Tubular! NOT!

Well, not exactly made of metal I'd reckon, but probably carbon fibre, fibreglass, aluminium, and all sorts of interesting composites I'd imagine. My bro found these whilst surfing, and they look pretty radical. Check out the wild designs! Ahh Specialized, you breathe new life into these ol penny farthings.

Link to crazy bikes.

August 03, 2005

Yes.. Babies do this

Spit up, projectile vomit.. oh it's a joy. Sheeya right as if this is real??? Well for those with little ones, you know full well they can either waterfall, or projectile. Check out the fun times the parents are undergoing.

Link to projectile... the movie.

August 01, 2005

Big wheels keep on turnin

Daimler Chrysler ran a little contest a couple of months back. Those of you who remember, either had a neighbour, or if you were actually lucky enough to own one, a Big Wheel. Pictured on the far left is the original 'Big Wheel trike'. A fellow from Vancouver loved them so much, he built a Big Wheel powerd by a hemi engine! GEEZE! The contest had entrants from around the world, and included hemi powered paper shredders, and hemi powered Zambonis. SWEET. Marcus Braun took it away with his supa trike.

What can you Hemi? Indeed.

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