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August 19, 2005

Holy Burnt Toast Batman!

Coming home from work today, I saw huge, gouts of flame coming from what seemed to be the location of our house. My first thought was that my wife had burnt another pot of rice again (that would make it three)! Just kidding honey... the apartment building right across the lane from us apparently EXPLODED. Some sort of Propane tank went off.

Our neighbour across the street (the other direction) had apparently just bought a place in that project too, which was shitty timing. Many of my fellow Bioware colleagues had hastily evacuated nearby buildings. I never knew so many of them lived around our vacinity! Additionally, there was also rumour of the fire spreading and possibly setting off other chain reactions from nearbypropane tanks. This would mean further evacuation of the surrounding blocks which included us. We noticed about 15 police cars, several large fire trucks and other vehicles of authority parked about, blocking off most access to the streets around the fire site.

We decided to head off to dinner, and when we returned, the fire was definitely more under control. Acrid smoke still assaulted our noses, and there was a goodly amount of haze hanging around.
The fire came on the first sunny day following three days of fairly intense rain, which seemed odd. If you look at the news story, the large building is where Bioware's offices are located.

Note the nice rainbow that formed from the preventative soaking from the water cannon.

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