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November 22, 2005


Ugg.. another sleep deprived night. Arwen had it in her head to stay awake at all crazy god forsaken hours.

Poor Vicki bore the brunt of it as usual, and I ended up almost crushing Arwen a couple times. Yeah.. we were co-sleeping with her today...


I'm sure this won't be the end.

November 17, 2005

Follow the bouncy ball

This made me smile.. like the Coloured Bubble post below. I'll let you guess what the product is. You do need quicktime to view this commercial FYI.

Follow the bouncy ball.

Chasing Rainbows

Great little story about a man, and his pursuit of a bubble dream. A toymaker goes after the holy grail of creating bubbles that have wonderful vivid colours. I love this quote from the story when the inventor finally unveiled his coloured creation.
"The first five minutes of the party were stunning. Mothers gasped, and a few were even moved to tears, at the initial sight of the strangely vivid orbs almost glowing in the sunlight. Kids shrieked and chased after them. It was the moment Kehoe had pictured all those years - not big checks or fame, just seeing this project reach its end in a single joyous afternoon."
Bubbly link

November 15, 2005

Home Sweet Home.

But hopefully not Holmes on Homes! Yeah, yeah.. that's right. That's for you guys/gals that watch HGTV, you know what I'm talking about!

Ahh.. little house on the prairie. I ain't no Laura Ingles, but I betcha I can chuck a mean wagon. Hmm.. not really sure WTF that means, but just today we put down a small cheque towards our very first house. It's a cute little one, but not with those gay gingerbread white doily things. I mean honestly, who puts that on houses? Really, it's not mine baby!

Ahh yes, one other thing... right now it's a big pile of dirt. Yes, we paid to view a big pile of permafrost for the next 6-12 months. They are building these out, so this is the time for planning, putting in Cat5/6, pre-wiring, and all that jazz.
So look below to the gallery of images, including me just beginning to photosnot the default floor plan. Cause you know yours truly is gonna be planning his Home Theatah!


Link to the floorplans n such gallery

November 14, 2005

Reindeer Games

No no no.... for the last time NO! Not the crappy Ben Afleck pseudo action movie, or any relation to that.

We went to the park this weekend, and baby Arwen had fun in her swanky new hat. The Mrs. picked it up, and it was a hit with all who saw it. Our little tyke had a blast looking at squirrels, birds, and watching people enjoying the 12 degree very balmy (for Ed town) weather. It's amazing how many people jog, blade, and cycle in this town.

Click here for park piccies

November 12, 2005

When it feels nipply outside

You just slap on a pair o' these bad boys, and you'll be all toasty and warm. Now that we're in chilly Edmonton, I dunno if I can convince the wifey to pick up a set, but hey.. why not.

Are you just glad to see me, or is that a set of D cells in your sweater?

Anyhoo, only in Japan Neh?

Linky to bra toasting goodness

November 11, 2005

Another sleepless night.

Darn that internal clock. It's 8 am and I'm up like I am every morning, even though everyone else is fast asleep and I was up all night. Arwen woke up every 2 - 3 hours very hungry. So I got a sum total of maybe 4 hours of rest. I woke up trying to pat my comforter to sleep. I sure hope this means she's growing.

November 09, 2005

The Intellitainer

Arwen's god parents presented her earlier on in the year with an Intellitainer. It was actually easy to put together, but wifey had read about the huge difficulties some people had putting it together. The hardest part, is that the screws are really close to the plastic legs, so are a bit difficult to get meaty hands with screwdriver into the tiny space provided. Not too good design. The toy itself is great as you'll see with shots or Arwen joyously plunkin away at the plasticky goodness.

All Hail Fisher Price.

November's Piccie Gallery here

November 08, 2005

Entry Number Three

So K. keeps nagging me to blog. Right. Like that's high on my list of priorities as a new mom. Right after having a hot meal and getting a decent night's rest.

That being said, there's a number of things I actually have been wanting to document for my little girl. One is her first successes at "going" in a potty. When I first heard about infant potty training, or elimination communication, I was intrigued but daunted. I didn't think we'd ever get to the stage when I can sometimes guess when she's about to go, and then get her over the potty in time. Yay for us :) Still gonna keep those diapers though. I'm not that ambitious.

The second thing is the little one's first solid food. We weren't going to try for another couple of weeks, but when we got her into the high chair a couple of days ago, just to get used to the chair itself, she looked so interested in what we were doing and so bored having nothing to do herself that I decided to give her a bit of mashed banana off my finger. (Okay, okay, it was chewed banana. What more efficient way is there to mash food?) And whaddya know, she liked it! The biggest smile came over her face. And tonight, when I was having trouble aiming, she opened her mouth wide and attacked the spoon with gusto! I guess she's ready for solids.

There are probably more things I want to put in here, but right now, with the possibility of getting 5 hours of sleep straight ahead of me, I have no interest in trying to remember them. That's all for now. Nighty night!

November 06, 2005

Let it snow

I just looked outside, and there's a blanket of snow on the ground... blah blah blah, Xmas song... blah blah...

It acutally is quite pretty. There was a small snowfall on Friday, but nothing has stuck so far. So I quickly remote started the car, and booked it to bring it from the back, to the garage so it wouldn't get all snowed on. So it hits me.. it's Alberta! Edmonton! Snow! I guess the prettiness of it will wear off sometime after Christmas. Until then, let it snow!

November 03, 2005

Call of Insomnia 2

Sleep Sleep, your sultry, sexy voice calls deeply to me. I woke up much like my named infant in the wee hours of the AM. For some ungodly reason, at some ungodly hour, my little peepers decided to blink awake, and stay that way for an ungodly amount of time.

In my infinite wisdom, and yes, it is nigh infinite, I decided to then stay the fuck awake and play Call of Duty 2. Note kiddies, when you suffer from insomnia, you don't play the most fucking addicting thing you can get your hands on, and hope that this somehow will magically put you in the realm of sheepy county nappy land. COD2 is insanely addicting, with said sleep afliction, this is not a happy combo. Blowing the fuck out of nazis is all fine and dandy, but so does combating the evil hitleresque forces of sleep deprivation.

I was up at 2:30 in the morning, and didn't hit the pillow til 7:00. The alarm of course slaps me upside the head at 8:00, my usual, and having an hour of sleep does not put me in the best of moods.


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