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November 08, 2005

Entry Number Three

So K. keeps nagging me to blog. Right. Like that's high on my list of priorities as a new mom. Right after having a hot meal and getting a decent night's rest.

That being said, there's a number of things I actually have been wanting to document for my little girl. One is her first successes at "going" in a potty. When I first heard about infant potty training, or elimination communication, I was intrigued but daunted. I didn't think we'd ever get to the stage when I can sometimes guess when she's about to go, and then get her over the potty in time. Yay for us :) Still gonna keep those diapers though. I'm not that ambitious.

The second thing is the little one's first solid food. We weren't going to try for another couple of weeks, but when we got her into the high chair a couple of days ago, just to get used to the chair itself, she looked so interested in what we were doing and so bored having nothing to do herself that I decided to give her a bit of mashed banana off my finger. (Okay, okay, it was chewed banana. What more efficient way is there to mash food?) And whaddya know, she liked it! The biggest smile came over her face. And tonight, when I was having trouble aiming, she opened her mouth wide and attacked the spoon with gusto! I guess she's ready for solids.

There are probably more things I want to put in here, but right now, with the possibility of getting 5 hours of sleep straight ahead of me, I have no interest in trying to remember them. That's all for now. Nighty night!

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