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May 24, 2006

E3 and Italians

Well.. Another E3 has come and gone. I didn't go to the 'monkey show' this year, but most likely will be hornswoggled to do so in 2K7.

My favourite story came from our Microsoft / Bioware booth as told by our CEO and Prez. Our booths usually get innundated by the International Press, and this involves one particularly cool and jaded Italian reviewer. We were doing a press only screening of our next game 'Mass Effect' which should be out in a year on the 360. Well this gent saunters into our screening room, and proceeds to watch the demo. We've gotten many tired, "I've seen a gazillion shooters" press folk who yawn at our presentation at first glance, then drop their jaws when they realize they are not watching a pre-rendered 'Premiered' video. "Hang on a sec, did you just move that player character?" type reactions were quite common.

The reviewer in question, again a very cool, collect customer, goes through the demo, then has a somewhat stunned look about him as he exits the screening room. Our Msoft rep comes up to him and curiously asks him what he thought. "I have one word to say", in clipped English... "INCREDI-FUCKO".

Yes.. Incredifucko indeed.

May 10, 2006

Some new May Piccies

Ahh Easter, Grandparents visiting, Grillin time with the ol Weber, Friends visiting, Galaxyland rides, 60 gummie bears in your mouth, what could be better?

Click the link for the album.

Yup.. I did say 60 gummie bears in the mouth.

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