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WHAZZ NEWZ at the 'Plex


September 30, 2006


What do you get when you cross 27 lactating mothers with 40+ hungry tots? Sorry.. no real punchline here, just Edmontonians raising further awareness of breastfeeding and the importance to the little ones' development, immune systems, and just plain general health. It was an interesting event with the press, CTV, etc coming out to take a peek at the event. I declare the winner, a mother with twins, another set of twins, plus an older daughter. Some moms sure could use a few extra sets.

Oh yeah.. did I mention BEWBS????

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September 19, 2006

Avast ye Scurvey Dogs


Ye be right if ye be thinkin that this be another official Talk Like a Pirate Day. ARRR! If ye not be believin with yer own one eye (the other one is obviously patched) then look yee here to the offical website.

To Davy Jones with ya!

September 11, 2006

Sept 11th

It's been many years since the fatefull event, but I still get chills everytime I revisit sites, memorials, and tributes.
This video was previously unreleased before today, and it's very sobering.

Link to 911 footage

September 04, 2006

Dark Skies

What an ominous title for a post eh? Well... not quite as ominous, but in actuality, geeky as all get out. Ahh well.. I guess acceptance is nigh! One of the parks about an hour out of town was declared a Dark Skies Preserve. Essentially designated to combat the encroaching light pollution that usually hits most major cities. The whole of the "Elk Island" park had the declaration ceremony today, and the local astronomy club (as well as several co-workers) headed out for a long weekend of camping fun and telescopes. One particularly enterprising co-worker has what I dubbed the "Chairscope" Maybe the "Steno-Scope" is more appropriate. He built a mirrored telescope from parts including a steno chair "hack" as his base. It would make MacGuyver proud.

Piccies after the jump.

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