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WHAZZ NEWZ at the 'Plex


February 28, 2005

Hey Baaahhhdie! Wheezin' the Juice.

Carpe Diem. Edmonton Style.

We decided to go hire out a car as the brits put it at Dollar car rental. Hoofing it through icy sidewalks took a little while, and a 5 minute drive away from our present location to the Dollar dealer turned into a 45 min hike. Ahh well, this city like most urban sprawl centers in the US basically means an automobile is almost a necessity.

We were craving chinese food, had some wheels now, so we headed to the 'Buddy Wonton Seafood Restaurant'. Location was on 10415 - 80 Ave fyi. Like.. who the hell calls a chinese restaurant Buddy? So I figure that's some sort of Paulie Shore reference, and conceded by ordering a bubble drink. Close enough to a slurpee eh?

Vicki had a job interview after lunch, and all seemed to go as planned. The Tutoring service was also very close to the West Edmonton Mall.

When in Edmonton, gotta hit the
'Big Mall' right? Well we did. We were still on the chinese food kick, and got wind that there's an oriental wing of the Mall. For a mall that's like freakin 18 gazillion square feet, there were only about a dozen 'chinese' shops. Not exactly Crystal Mall, or Aberdeen... but eh.. when in Rome.... So after my second bubble drink of the day, we went to the T&T. Man.. that is a pretty sizeable T&T, so stocking up on sauces, veggies, and the like were what we were all about.

To end the day the big green box 'The Real Canadian Stupidstore' provided us with the rest of our peanut butter, and Breyers supplies, so all was copasetic.

Edmonton Pics.

February 27, 2005

Surfin USA... err Canada.

Having too many channels to surf from is a bit detrimental. Having come from a cable free zone, the apartment we are staying at has 80+ channels! Now as much as I love the Discovery channel, I found myself watching 2 eps of Mythbusters, as well as a couple Pimp my Rides and some stuff on TLC and HGTV. Hmm...

I guess this is what's known as a cable Wipeout. WHHHHOOOOO!!!!!!

February 26, 2005

Happiness is a Warm AK47.

Ok... so I've watched Bowling for Columbine, and this definitely sits in this file. Man.. I mean. really, all you need is to have not just high school kids who know how to shoot fully automatic MP5s, but how about your grade 2 kids, or better yet your preschool darlins? C'mon people, get some responsibility!!!!

bullet fulla links.

Settled into place now. ZOIKS!

So it was a bit of a move. We made it to Edmonton, and had 10 boxes, each 4 cubic feet! That's a whole chunk o boxes! It took us two mini van taxis to make it to our apartment. TWO TAXIS!!!

Check this linkie for some details on our place, boxes boxes everywhere!

February 24, 2005

Thanks! You Angels!!!

Guys n Gals who all helped us out with the mammoth move. Vicki and I cannot begin to thank you enough. All of you have helped out immensely, and we definitely would not have made it if not for the tremendous efforts of these individuals.

Ed, Al and Peggy, Francis, Ray and Cathy, Kieran, John, Erlene, Stacy and David, thank you all.

However, humongous props up for the savior of the month, Rex. Without his constant nagging, incessant suggestions, unwanted advice, and abrasive nature, we would be lost. In all seriousness, his constant friendship, self sacrifice, and vast amounts of help really saved the day.... errr month. I took off an entire month to pack and even with the vast amounts of crap that I have accumulated (Vicki was easily only about 5% off the total I'm sure) would not have been able to make the date.

Again, thanks to y'all. Charlie out.

Here's some piccies

February 23, 2005

Ga Ga Goo Goo... Pfffftt!!!

Cute article on babies, and what they're REALLY thinking interuterinely. Yeah.. I know that's probably not a real word, but I thought it sounded good.

Baby Linkie

Note: The Onion is a parody site FYI.

Like surfin for Pahn? Get aload o these babies!

K so there's Anime, then there's pahn, then there's Hentai. You know you do it, like what else do you have that badass broadband for? There's all sorts of accessories that you'd love to get to Pimp yer Rig, but nothin says lovin like a 33DD Mousepad. Am I right? Huh? Am I right or what? WOOT!

Link for boobpads.

Snif snif.. smells like fish.

Making sure we're getting our daily intake of Raw Fish. We went to the small hole in the wall 'Oishi' on Victoria and 49th roughly. Good solid sushi, at a very reasonable price. Say hi to Calvin if you're there, as he's an excellent sushi chef. Supply of good fresh fish will probably be a bit rare (pardon the pun) in the prairies, and it's maki me hungry (ok double groaner pun).

We'll probably do sushi again in a couple of days before we head outta town so gotta fill up on the salmon sashimi!

February 22, 2005

Y'all come back now, Y'heah?

This weekend our impending move began sinking in more. Our going away shindig organized by Cathy, Vicki's friend was a resounding success! Huge props to the Cathinator for orging this!!! Many of our friends showed up to send us off, and it was very touching, as well as emotional. We love you guys, and really really hope to see you guys for visits in sunny Edmonton.

Tonight, my eBay friends had a little send off as well, and we watched Ong Bak. To top it off, It was also Ed's birthday... Happy B'day big guy!!! I know that I'll miss you guys n gals from Lotus Land, but we'll visit and are of course open to folk droppin in from time to time.

February 20, 2005

Joo got Pwn3d!

I was feeling kinda quirky, so I started teaching my mom some l33t speak. Dunno WTF I was thinking, but it was kinda fun. My brother groaned when I told him... I think something along the lines of '... ummm what the heck are you doing that for'? At anyrate, looks like Microsoft is not the only one to think my way. =>


February 19, 2005

BOX HELL!!!!!! Indy?

Boyo. Now I know how that guy from Raider's of the Lost Ark felt when he's wheeling the ark of the convenant into the warehouse. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, you can just ignore my tirade.

GAH... packing now for almost a month, our townhome has been transformed into aforementioned warehouse. I feel like the supply guy who works for acme, where the Wil-e Coyote finds all his anti-roadrunner gadgets.

February 17, 2005

That's Looney Tunes!

Man.. I dunno about this. Call me an ol fashioned guy, but the extreme makeover for the new Looney Tunes just doesn't do it for me. Now Animaniacs, that was well done, but future Bugs? or Space Wile E coyote? Nah... Wonder what they'll do with Marvin the Martian??? My prediction is flop!

C'mon, how can you mess with cartoons that can take on Hitler and win?

Thanks to my bro for finding this story. Love his comment. 'Poochie, you're so extreme!'

Link to the story here.

February 16, 2005

Babel Fish! The Original!

Well, the remake of the movie to the late great Douglas Adams is back! Set to be released this summer, is based on the king of ireverent british sci fi novels. My brother found the link to the leaked movie trailer.
It looks like a great remake!

So long and thanks for all the fish. Quicktime required.

February 15, 2005

Cute Kid. Now go fetch me a blunt.

Here's an argument for being an informed and responsible parent. Not only should you know what your kids are watching on the boob tube, but you should also know what they're playin on yer fave console or PC. Fer real.

Kids say the darndest things.

February 14, 2005

Heart Smart? No. Artery Death! Happy V-day!

You know, nothing says lovin' like a 12" slice of oily Pizza. Apparently in Malaysia I believe, they were servin up some heart shaped 'Za for Valentines day. Mmmm.. how romantic. Cheese stuck in your teeth, stanky onion breath, and clogged arteries to top it all off!

Well for those of you who are going out today, Happy V-day y'all. I'm takin mah honey out to West for a nice feast.

Link for West in Vancouver. Yummah!

February 13, 2005

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of RAM!

Entertainment Software Association reports that Malaysia, then China are the worst offenders world wide for piracy of Software. Ummm.. Yuh! Run down to Imbi Road plaza, or head to Kowloon's many Computer Malls, and you'll see a steady stream of software pirates.

"Malaysian factory-made game and software dubs have been seized in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, the US, and South America."

I remember seeing some really sophisticated POS systems utilizing bar codes, CD covers with the actual software kept at a different location for 'protection'. Not only is the software at risk, but I recall seeing manuals printed in both Chinese and English as well. Ladies and Gents, this is a big business, and will take lots of resources to bring this down.


February 12, 2005

Welcome to Tatooweenie. Population you.

Man I gotta tell you... some conventions just scream Geek. There's the Triumph the insult comic dog take on this, then here's this guy's blog regarding a recent SW convention. Read the captions, they're priceless. Oh and yes, that is a fellow in costume in a full sized toy box. Yes ladies, he's mint in package! Thanks Albie One Ben Kenobie for this one.

Star Geeks.

Triumph vid for those who haven't seen this gem yet.


GAH!!!! I tell ya, moving is a real pain the posterior. I cannot believe the raw amount of shit I've gathered over the years. We had a moving estimator come over for a quote, and looking at everything it came to fucking 8500 poounds! Yeah.. That's right the weight of Old Oprah before Lipo! Can you imagine? That's roughly the weight of a cow!

Chocolate. It does a body good.

When I was doing cleanup yesterday, I found a whole pile of chocolate. I think I must have eaten about 7 chocolate bars... Isn't chocolate really healthy for you?

Oh yeah, about the piccie, apparently the guy who brought Body Sushi to the US, was at it again with his 'Body Chocolate' wrapping delectable chocolate around a model. Dare I say.. Nummah?

Story here.

More images here. Warning, may not be work safe.

February 11, 2005

Funny! Only Four Words!!!

With reviews like 'Super heroine Garners attention.' for the new Marvel Bomb Elektra assassin, you gotta love it! It doesn't really tell you much about the movie, but it entertains!


Pepsi! OH SO HOT!

Apparently, since the superbowl, iTunes traffic has been driven up in part due to this cutie in the Pepsi/iTunes commercial. For all you cyber stalkers out there her name is Mandy Fujiko Amano. =>

There's even a blog dedicated to her here.

Karaoke... STARKERS!

With the advent of Canadian Idol kicking off tomorrow in Vancouver, check dis! So, what is more embarassing than singing Karaoke? How about singing in the nude? Well if you're interested, you'll have to fly to Berlin, however.


Here's an old link to a vid in Florida a few years ago. Enjoy!

February 09, 2005

THE YEAR OF THE COCK... errr Rooster!

Gong Hai Fat Choi to all my asian brothers and sisters. It's all about great family, great friends, great food. Personally, I'm starting a new family with my loving wife (baby's on the way!), relocating to a new province, and starting a new Job at Bioware, so this year is definitely shaping up to be an eventful one. Hope you all have a very prosperous, and happy new year.

February 08, 2005

Going postal. The safe way.

Nah.... too easy to make a snide remark about rubbers here. Click the link below to see how some guy with too many rubber bands, and too much time to create some pseudo science about rubber band guns.

Fire away!

February 07, 2005

Ooo.. new Xbox! WOOT!

This is the latest rumor, that Microsoft will be calling their new console the Xbox360. Sounds interesting enough, 3D goggles anyone?


February 06, 2005

Cartoon Violence fun!

Combine South Park with Hitman, what do you get? A quick diversion filled with Desert Eagles, Sniper rifles, killin' and so forth.


February 03, 2005


A hilarious story about his man, his pet and the wife that would come between them. Get yer mind outta the gutter! It's not what you think.. errr.. maybe.

Man's best friend.

Tatoos only a mofo would love.

I love this story. All about a crazed Tatoo artist and his time in prison. The best quote was:

"I wanted a stack of skulls on my back," said murderer Jimmy Drake, "and that Asian prick gave me a giant Winnie the Pooh!"

Ahh.. the rights of the oppressed.

Tatoo this!

I know... it looks like a Penis Fish!

Not that there really is a good side to the Tsunami disaster, but it's been a boon for Marine Biologists. Check out the link for the really strange, Finding Nemo like curiosities that were recovered.

Click here for sea creatures.

Holy Burn out Batman!

Man.. these guys can drive like a mofo...

Burn rubber!

Let's have a Huntin' and Karaoke Party! WHOOOO

You know.. often times I'd be going hunting, then as I lop off the head of my prized kill, a six pointed mom of Bambie, I'd get the urge to break out in some Lynrd Skynrd. Oooo! You mean I can now?

Read on. Only 159.98!

February 02, 2005

YO JOE!!!!

So apparently El Quaeda has problems kidnapping real 'Mericans, so they're starting to kidnap action figures... right.

CNN linkie here.

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