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September 30, 2005

Raising a Narcissist.

It's so much fun watching Arwen at play. She's perfectly happy playing all by herself for quite awhile, until, that is, she sees that "other baby" that keeps popping up everywhere.

Put down in front of a mirror, Arwen will ignore all the other toys that are in front of her to coo, smile, and laugh at her reflection. She'll hold long babbling conversations with herself too. I wonder what she's saying in that baby language of hers. "I'm so cute. Everyone loves me. I'm just the most adorable baby there ever was." Ha. I just bet when she's mobile enough, she'll be kissing her reflection too, long before she kisses Mommy or Daddy.

September 26, 2005

Down will come baby Part Deux

*SIGH* I tell you, sometimes I just pray to the gods of shag. No not that shag... the carpet variety. On Friday I dropped Arwen pretty much on her head. I was bringing her to get her nightly bath, and she wiggled, and wriggled out of my grasp, to land on her head and shoulder. OH MY GOD! You know those moments when it's like the Matrix? When everything slows down, including your reflexes? Well that moment came, and concluded with a thump and a heart wrenching baby cry. That is one of the worst feelings a new parent can have.

Thank god, as I said earlier, for shag carpet. Regardless, I think she's ok, and we'll get her X-rayed tomorrow just to play it safe.

Bad Daddy!

September 24, 2005

Growing like a weed

Arwen's growth is pretty linear. She's growing like the veritable weed, and there's no stop in sight! She's getting a tad chubby, but is still well within the norm for her height, and age group. Age grouping? in weeks? Months? hehehhe.. at any rate, here's the chart!

Click it to see actual details.

Godjira! Oh wait.. it's just paper

Now I loved Origami as a kid. So what could be better than to combine Japanese monsters, with paper? The weird thing is, they used Blue friggin paper for godzilla. SHEESH.. Why not fucking purple paper and make Barney??? Like.. C'mon.

Paper Godzilla

September 11, 2005

GOATZE! errrr Yahtzee!!!

So we were at the Muttart Conservatory, (basically an arboretum) and there was a family with a 15 month old. Well, the baby girl was very adorable, and was starting to walk. In fact, she was taking her first steps and being the upstanding citizen that I am I offered to take some shots. Yes, geek that I am, I carry my camera pretty much everywhere since it is farily tiny. So I get the guys email address, and this little demon pops up on my right shoulder. The demon says to me, hey.. pssst... don't mail him his kids pictures, mail him something else. What comes to mind? GOATSE!!!!! So I had a laugh with my brother, and me being the fucking wimp that I am, I did the right thing. Yeah... the little cherub on my left shoulder must have beat the snot out of the demon on my right. Ahh well, here's a Goatze for ya anyhoo, halloweeney style... a bit tamed down since my folks read this blog too. =>

warning offensive link

Come visit E-town

Ahh, the fun of Edmonton. Here are some of the visitors who've made their way over here, actually a gallery of them. Visiting myself, my better half, as well as the little dickens too. can I have more sah?

FYI, for those who are confused, I did not shave my head, that's my Bro going for the Picard look.

linkified to a gallery.

Teach a man to fish.

Or a baby to drive? We picked up a Toyota matrix a while back, and thought, what better way to be a responsible parent, than to hook up a 11 week old behind the smooth contours of a leather wrapped steering wheel... Well, let's just say, that although no roadstar, she did remarkably well on the slalom course, but didn't manage to avoid the 4 nuns crossing the road. Ahh well.. drives like her old man.

Photo gallery of our little put put mobile.

September 04, 2005

Wikity wikity wack!

Ahhh... my first wiki, that uses information my wife compiled for new parents and so forth. We use them extensively at work, and I thought, what better way to disseminate information than to create a wiki! Well this wiki deals with parenting for newborns and the questions that we found useful to ask ourselves. With the provided references and links, you can draw your own conclusions. What you want us to hand you all the answers? And you call yourselves parents! *insert scoffing noise here*

linkypoo to the VICKI WIKI!

p.s. Parents, or parents to be, feel free to contribute, or add to the questions.

September 01, 2005

Butterflies in my Baby

We had some professional photographs done of Arwen a couple weeks ago, and got suckered into buying a package. All the pictures look so damn cute, and we just couldn't say no. All in all a few hundred dollars later, we only got one photo for now. The rest takes 2 friggin months! Like WTF? And the photog uses a digital SLR? We should have gotten the damn prints yesterday, by email! Ahh well.. I guess some people just live in the early 1900s.

Kodak? Eastman? Are you guys listenin from the grave?

Ahh well, at least Arwen is all Anne Geddified. (I'm sure if she reads this in a dozen years or so, she'd be utterly mortified, and would never show her face in public). Sorry hon!

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