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February 24, 2005

Thanks! You Angels!!!

Guys n Gals who all helped us out with the mammoth move. Vicki and I cannot begin to thank you enough. All of you have helped out immensely, and we definitely would not have made it if not for the tremendous efforts of these individuals.

Ed, Al and Peggy, Francis, Ray and Cathy, Kieran, John, Erlene, Stacy and David, thank you all.

However, humongous props up for the savior of the month, Rex. Without his constant nagging, incessant suggestions, unwanted advice, and abrasive nature, we would be lost. In all seriousness, his constant friendship, self sacrifice, and vast amounts of help really saved the day.... errr month. I took off an entire month to pack and even with the vast amounts of crap that I have accumulated (Vicki was easily only about 5% off the total I'm sure) would not have been able to make the date.

Again, thanks to y'all. Charlie out.

Here's some piccies

my FREE source of home entertainment especially the last month - listening to the 'old married couple' while the packing. Miss that already! Peace....
thanks to everyone whom helped Mr. & Mrs. J pack their stuff. I'm sure that everyone will agree that we helped Kev pack his crap becuase it's something he would have done for us. There's still a painting and cleaning party planned for all voluteers upon Kev's return, so please hassle him or it won't be done...add the x10 removal, light re-install, carpet cleaning, wall patching, oh I could go on!...from...'that bad Rex guy'
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