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July 27, 2006

Chilliciously Cool.

Man.. it's been a hot one. I've heard in New York they had week long blackouts, with the sweltering heat there, I guess we have nothing to complain about. But damn... we've been melting like chocolates in a gay guy's mouth. Ok.. shit, I don't know what type of crazy metaphor that was, but I had to make up something eh? 30+ degrees, hot box duplex do not make a little 13 month old very happy, nor her mom, nor her dad who's getting sick of sweaty GI Joe underoos.

So I broke down and got one of those big boy bad for the environment, but ice cool porty air con units. It keeps you cooler than a girl's naughty no no place in a west end bar. Oh man.. there I go with those references again. But besides being the size of France, it really does keep an entire room frosty cold. I highly recomend one. If only to see the vents transform open, and the air directors smoothly pan about within the confines of the unit.

I'm chillin now Holmes.

July 23, 2006

Taste the crap

Well.. Taste of Edmonton, may have well been called taste of crap. Gug. I suppose it started out ok, but the food as we went along there I would say is on par with craptastic mall food. Not exactly a cheap eat either, at 75 cents per tick, usually 3-5 tix per sampler size. Buffalo skewers may as well have been pulled out of aforementioned bison's arse, and the calamari was shall we say limp as genitalia, and the polish potato cakes were well, extremely uneventful. Frozen choco banana's were alright though, and grasshopper pie was decent, but you really can't screw up deserts eh? I kept expecting to see the Soylent Green booth. How about Coke-a-cola Zero's brilliant marketing? 32 Degree weather, lukewarm Coke Zero, and direct sunlight on BLACK as a devil's bottom massage chairs. Any takers? Well one hairy, and very sweaty guy took em up on a nice searing massage. Mind you, I think after that one dude sat there, my companion noted that no one else ever sat in the same barcolounger. (Piccies in the July album)

The apres event festivities were more fun, with the city center fountains cooling off kids, folks just wanting to reduce their body temperature. I managed to get a couple of alright snaps. Then there was the car show, which had some supa shiny rides, more chrome than my high school braces, and lots of great antiques. Heritage days should offer much better fare. I hope.

So food 2, fountain and car show 8. Yes, that's out of 10.

Piccies after the jump

July 12, 2006


Ahh yes, we're now in the beautiful city of rain.

Actually the weather was fairly mild, sunny etc up until Today. We came to visit as the wifey's bro is tying the knot! With the upcoming nuptials, we've still had a chance to visit some friends, eat lots of wet coast food, and such, so it's been a nice little vacation. Sadly, it ends next week, but we're also looking forward to heading home to the prairies.

Rain rain go away.

July 01, 2006

I am your Fazsha

Well, this is a tad late, but thought I'd comment about a fine first father's day I had a couple of weeks ago. It was my first time as an actual father, but noooo.. that didn't make me feel old or anything! heh.

The better half took us out to a nice little place called Vi's Pies cafe. Had me a nice chicken pot pie, and of course Mango and Blueberry Pie. Now doesn't that sound scrumptious or not?

Piccies here.

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