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February 28, 2005

Hey Baaahhhdie! Wheezin' the Juice.

Carpe Diem. Edmonton Style.

We decided to go hire out a car as the brits put it at Dollar car rental. Hoofing it through icy sidewalks took a little while, and a 5 minute drive away from our present location to the Dollar dealer turned into a 45 min hike. Ahh well, this city like most urban sprawl centers in the US basically means an automobile is almost a necessity.

We were craving chinese food, had some wheels now, so we headed to the 'Buddy Wonton Seafood Restaurant'. Location was on 10415 - 80 Ave fyi. Like.. who the hell calls a chinese restaurant Buddy? So I figure that's some sort of Paulie Shore reference, and conceded by ordering a bubble drink. Close enough to a slurpee eh?

Vicki had a job interview after lunch, and all seemed to go as planned. The Tutoring service was also very close to the West Edmonton Mall.

When in Edmonton, gotta hit the
'Big Mall' right? Well we did. We were still on the chinese food kick, and got wind that there's an oriental wing of the Mall. For a mall that's like freakin 18 gazillion square feet, there were only about a dozen 'chinese' shops. Not exactly Crystal Mall, or Aberdeen... but eh.. when in Rome.... So after my second bubble drink of the day, we went to the T&T. Man.. that is a pretty sizeable T&T, so stocking up on sauces, veggies, and the like were what we were all about.

To end the day the big green box 'The Real Canadian Stupidstore' provided us with the rest of our peanut butter, and Breyers supplies, so all was copasetic.

Edmonton Pics.

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