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August 22, 2005

BEE all that you can be

Well.. Wasps at any case. nasty fucking little buggers... there has been an influx of these things into the Edmonton area. I find them just as useless as Mosquitos. One zapped me on the arm as I was carrying Arwen. No idea why the bugger got me.. perhaps I squished him in my armpit or some fool thing. At any rate, hate those things.

Link to news story.

time to bring out the bug zapper.
There's a product called Rescue. It's a transluscent yellow tube with a yellow inverted funnel at the bottom. You place an attractor scent in the funnel, sold by Rescue, and the yellow jacket go inside but can't escape. Then the DIE!!! I've also seen old timey glass versions. Actually were just an inverted funnel. You put sugar water or a piece of meat in them. I hate yellow jacket. We've got tons of them in Colorado. The only use I've seen is that pollinate some flower. Give me honey bees instead.
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