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August 20, 2005

Red Pill? or Blue Pill?

Well, not quite the Matrix that you're thinking of, but we took delivery of a Metallic Meteorite 4WD Matrix today. Not my first choice, as i really wanted the sport model, but in these Albertan winters I'm sure the All Wheel Drive will help out. It's an interesting vehicle with a strange dimensional anomoly. It seems relatively small outside, but when you step inside, due to the bluging rooflines, and other nifty little tricks, it can fit 5 full sized over 6 foot tall adults quite comfortably. I've also read in other Matrix forums that people were able to fit 40+ inch TVs, hot water tanks with boxes, etc. in the very capacious trunk. Fold down the seats and watch it work.

We're pretty happy with this, and expect quite reasonable gas mileage to boot!

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