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June 05, 2006

Just point and shoot.

Ahhh.. as you may have guessed, I've upped my photography urges with the purchase of a snazzy Canon 20D. I gotsta tell ya, if you haven't tried a digital SLR, man.. you do NOT know what you are missing. Shots seem so much more precise, the quality is outstanding, and it seems that you have sooo much more control over what you can do. Of course, I'm still ending up taking just baby shots of Arwen with it, but they are much nicer, and gee.. suitable for framing! =>

The sucker of course weighs a ton, so as I have told many of my friends, family, the best combo to have is still a micro shirt pocket cam, and a dSLR. Really, don't spend uneccessary mulah on a half way camera. Those pretend dSLRs and such. Sure, they're not too bad, but you are already spending 2/3rds of the cost on it anyways, just really go all the way.

Listen to me now, or believe me later.

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