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June 25, 2006

Men at work... Party in the park.

On Thursday our work hosted the usual Staff Barbeque. For those who are from the south, not a true BarBQ, but more of a grillin party.

Work really knows how to throw a bash however, and since we have almost 300 people, it's NO SMALL EVENT. Mini golf, face painting, a Bouncy Castle, Sack Races, Kidz Trampoline, Soccer, Frisbee, and not to mention the food! Beef on a bun with gravy, chicken/nofaceveggie/beef burgers, hot dogs, nofacelasagna, caesar salad, coleslaw, Dzert, whatever your heart desires pretty much.

Nice thing is, they do this a couple times a year! Mmm.. my mouth is watering just thinking about it again.
It was hosted in a very nice park called Hawrelack park (spel.) which had a nice mosquito... err manmade lake. Very picturesque though. At the bottom of the page after the jump.

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