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March 05, 2005

Constantine is constipated.

An entertaining movie with an entertaining premise. This movie was based on the comic series 'Hellblazer' and it looks like it's an entaining read. Yes kiddies, that's the word of the day... entertaining. The movie itself is fairly chock full of nice CG special effects, some of them perhaps a tad overdone, but if you're looking to get your 10+ bucks worth, I'd give it a yea man.

No spoilers here. Canoe... errr. Keanu does his usual brooding, squinty brow act, but he must have gotten some sort of voice coach for this role, as it has less of his surfer dude accent. WHOOAH! Dude.. where's my archangel?

At any rate, a solid 7 / 10 for this flick, and just barely worth the movie bucks, it definitely will make a good rental.

Comic book site link

movie site link

'just barely worth the movie bucks' wtf!?!? you're drunk that movie rocks!
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