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WHAZZ NEWZ at the 'Plex


March 16, 2005


Picked up the incredibles yesterday. Get this, the Disney store, when we went down there, ONLY had full screen! C'mon Disney, get with the program, you should at the very LEAST offer a choice of both! It just started snowing when we went to pick them up, so I was disappointed, but at least I got to keep the lithographs which were pretty nice. So on the way back home, the Butchershop in downtown Edmonton appeared, we zoomed into there and they had it on sale. 19.99! SCORE! So Not only did I get the one day price, but the Disney store said to keep the Lithos as an appeasement. Oh, if you order online from the Disney Store, you also would have received a pin and two plushies. Of course you'd have to put up with full screen, and pay probably 20 dollars for shipping.... Not for me! Just say NO to FULLSCREEN, or as I call it, Pan and Scam.


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