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August 18, 2006

Lung fulla hair


That's been my main method of communication over the past week. I caught something last Thurs that made me feel like utter crap, that was crapped out of a dog, that was eaten by some other large mammal and passed through it's digestive tract. Fever, backache, bad feeling tummy, headaches (which I never get), a sore throat, and of course, the beauty of them all, a constant, consistent, persistent, set your watch to it hacking cough. Ahhhh, nothing beats a throat and lungs that feel like you've swallowed a constantly shedding ferret. You cough til your eyes bug out, your tongue lols to one side, and you sound like a demented steam engine. I slept in the other room just to spare the little lady, and tiny tyke the Buckley's national anthem.

To top it all off, I also got hit by a minor gout attack. Am I the most healthy of boys or what eh? So I've been chugging this Nin Jiom stuff (which I remember using as a kid) to help with the hack a tat tat. I don't remember it tasting like demented candied honey though. Man is that shit sweeeeet. And not in a good way.

My life suxxor.

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