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August 01, 2006

Happy Anniversary Honey!

WOW! I can't believe its only been two years! My honey and I tied the knot seems like longer than that. Mind you, with the kiddie, I think anniversary years are like dog years, so it's really been 14 anniversary years now. Heh. We did our gift exchange early this year, and I received this really neat watch, altimeter, compass, alarm, barometer, etc. It's awesome cause now I know exactly how hot my boys are getting. Yeah, I wear it off my belt loop, dangling over the jubblies. But seriously, it's a really nifty piece of gear.

I got the better half a Nintendo DS Lite. Had some trouble's finding it, cause they had a really nice package of 155 with the new Mario Bros. The boys back east sure know how to put together a nice handheld I tell you. With the impending Opera browser on wifi appearing this year, I'm really jazzed about it. The wife has been playing Brain Age, and Brain Academy pretty much non stop since we got it, so the prezzie was well worth it. Those games are pretty fun, but they sure make me out to be moronic. Maybe I should walk around going "Duuuuh.. Doiiiiiii..." and drooling for a while.

At any rate, Happy Anniversary Hon!!!! Love you lots, and here's to another 80 more!

Happy Anniversary you guys! Good for you guys. Kevy, you make edmonton look like such a happening place. Great Pics!

Al B.
Happy anniversary! You picked an easy to remember date.
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