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August 06, 2006

Nocturnal D missions

Well, here's my first attempts at night shooting. I had a blast doing it, and stayed up waaaay too late in the early AM, but was rewarded by some nifty effects. I've discovered that my tripod does some strange things, so I'll probably need to UG that, along with a wireless remote shutter release if I want to continue my night shooting.

Met up with some kids from BC who've moved out here for the summer to work. I think one was 'of the gay' and was trying to pick me up, but hey, as a prime piece of meat, I gave out married vibes. Plus the ring's on mah finger yo. I guess it's pretty flattering, but picking up 18 year old dudes is not exactly my thing, and if it was I'd have visited boys town in Van years ago. Hmm.. shit, that's waaaay too much nfo.

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I think it's a good sign for a man if a gay guy hits on him. I think it means he's genuinely attractive. Maybe I'm wrong, but are gay guys renowned for fancying ugly men? I think not!
Furthermore, after accompanying your brother to the gay pride festival (which is a wonderful place to view semi-nude male bodies (the women weren't quite so exhibitionistic)), I went back to his place and had a look at some of his photos. In doing so, I came across a photo of you, in which you looked so handsome that I remarked on it. It turned out not to be you, but it looked like you. Keith offered to introduce me to your lookalike, but even though he wasn't you, I declined. But if you weren't my cousin, Kevin, maybe! ;-)
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