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August 22, 2006

My grandmother gives good head

WTF? I mean REALLY WTF??? Now learning some English if you're Japanese is one thing, but do we really fucking need to learn this? REALLY??? I NEVER EVAR want to hear that sentance uttered. I SURE as FUCK hope that this was a parody, but from what I know about the Japanese culture this actually may be some sort of serious English lesson. At any rate, I shit myself laughing with mouth open, etc. etc. when I first saw this. Not sure if I was in shock, or just laughing my ass off delerious. As yongfook says from his blog that I got this from, it's just batshit fucking loco.

C'mon Toshi, oh pleaaaaase!

Click the image (not on the arrow) to get a bigger video.

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