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August 07, 2006

Back to your roots

Man.. what a contrast. From Taste of Crap, to Heritage Days in Hawrelak Park!

A three day festival that takes up an entire park, hosting ove 50 cultural pavilions with dancing, music and of course the most important.... FOOD! Approximately 350,000 attendees will make the rounds, as did we. From around 11:00 - 8:00, we walked, ate, drank and generally made merry. Some half-decent satay, interesting fijian punch, rendung curry, Ukrainian food, and many other culinary pleasures hit my buds, and they were hit relatively satisfactorily I must say. The little one really enjoyed crawling all over, eating new things and seeing the thousands of people. Wifey enjoyed having a couple of friends to watch Arwen, the food, drink, watching the dancers, and locking up hubby (check pictures for details).

As I said, Taste of Edmonton, give it a miss, but don't miss out on the Heritage Days. Your tummy will be all the wiser.

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