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WHAZZ NEWZ at the 'Plex


August 30, 2006

Hardcore Hardware

Apparently Edmonton hosts one of the largest Fringe Festivals in North America. The site itself is relatively small, but as with most FFs, it encompasses many different theatrical venues. Our company was nice enough to pay for tix to the Vagina Monologues, but with a little one, and adult oriented material, we stayed away this year. Next year we'll see how it goes.

The outside venues were mostly entertaining, with the exception of a painfully long 15 min (feels like 15 year) skit. But the last guy we saw really made the show for us. Make sure to check out the piccies of this particular performer. You can tell he's into construction, and DIY. But he mixes great expressions of faux pain with unweildy Cronenberg type Home Despot tools.


Linkie here.

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