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October 17, 2006


We were down in the states last year, and I was hankering for a new taste sensation. Suffice to say, that Coke's new treat Coke Blak was NOT it. I was looking all over for this hard to find little bottle, and finally scored some on the last couple of days of our vacation. Vinnie and Aurora were great, in accommodating my odd little search. The moment came when I screwed off the top, and took a taste. BLECH!!!! After all of the buildup, the moment of truth was less than anti-climactic.

Well, being the pig headed stubborn fool that I am, a couple of days ago, I spy said drink in a local WalMart. The next thing I knew, I'd gone through the checkout, and was once again unscrewing the cap of the unassuming beverage. Sure, give it another try I thought, maybe earlier on I had built it up too much I thought. So guzzle it down I did, for the second time. NOPE. Same craptastic taste sensation.

If you know anything about this drink, its a carbonated mix of CocaCola and Coffee mixed in careful proportions. I like iced coffee... I like Coke... why not mix it? Sounds gross? Well I figured, maybe the great CocaCola Company was on to something? Nuh uh... there is no redeeming value in this so called refreshment. I say to Coke, go back to the lab and make something worth drinking.

Once you go Blak, you never go back. Well I for one, will not.

I'll try it.
Still ain't worked up the...stomach????...for it. Too black. Too thick-looking
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