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October 01, 2006

Baby Birthday Days

This weekend found us at a co-worker's baby's second year birthday party. Had us some fun, food, and frolic. But of course this is all about the kids. The little munchkins ran all over the house, backyard, and of course all over the parents. Man.... Did I have this much energy when I was tiny? Ahh only to be two again, and free of taxation, worries, and general life headaches.


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I've heard many stories about how you "terrorised" people as a child, pouring powder over their floors and shooting them with water pistols.

Mum told me that there was a young woman who'd just had her hair styled and set, then you poured water on it. She said you were about three at the time.

I didn't know you when you were small, but I remember, when you were twelve-years'-old, that you took your OLD water pistol to several shops and tried to exchange it for a new one.
very nice pics you have ther Kevin wish you were taking the pictures at my wedding

S Duffy
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