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July 27, 2006

Chilliciously Cool.

Man.. it's been a hot one. I've heard in New York they had week long blackouts, with the sweltering heat there, I guess we have nothing to complain about. But damn... we've been melting like chocolates in a gay guy's mouth. Ok.. shit, I don't know what type of crazy metaphor that was, but I had to make up something eh? 30+ degrees, hot box duplex do not make a little 13 month old very happy, nor her mom, nor her dad who's getting sick of sweaty GI Joe underoos.

So I broke down and got one of those big boy bad for the environment, but ice cool porty air con units. It keeps you cooler than a girl's naughty no no place in a west end bar. Oh man.. there I go with those references again. But besides being the size of France, it really does keep an entire room frosty cold. I highly recomend one. If only to see the vents transform open, and the air directors smoothly pan about within the confines of the unit.

I'm chillin now Holmes.

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