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March 10, 2006

Tickle my ivories

Images of bugs bunny fooling the crap out of ol' Yosemite Sam spring to mind. An explosive images of smokin' sam with a few keys tinkling merrily from his mouth seem oddly appropriate.

Our family has made our first musical instrument purchase. Yup! A digital micro grand. These suckers are really neat, having full on midi capabilities, headphone (a must in a baby friendly environment) plug ins, and yes, Karaoke functions too! They also look hella cute, don't cost 10,000 bux, and don't take up an acre of living room space. You might say it's more of an Infant Grand than a Baby Grand. Having played it for a bit, it sounds pretty rich, and fairly convincing. I think Arwen's gonna really like the different sounds it can produce. Ahh. Midi goodness.

Special thanks go out to Vanessa and her boyfriend John (they bought one too!), Jeff and Ingrid for helping load it onto the truck, and Alden for his mad skillz playing and helping to position the really really light as a feather Piano. Well.. it is around 300 lbs. Who'da thunk that a Digital Piano would weigh that much? Be that as it may, the wifey is well pleased, I'm thinking of taking up some Jazz piano, and Arwen seems to like the plunking sounds.

Isn't life grand?

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