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March 24, 2006

Star Wars Kid

OMG! Check out the mediclorian count on this kid! Hey guys, she's going to fight Morpheus in the dojo! Look at her neural kinetics, they're way above normal!

At this point little Arwen can't really hold up the light sabre too well, but she sure seems to be hacking apart dear ol Dad with her Jedi powers. I AM YOUR FATHER!!!!
Her skillz don't quite add up to Ghyslain Raza's level of wushu prowess, but I'm sure given a couple of years, she'll be up there. I found an awesome deal on the Force FX sabre, and couldn't resist... well.. the force. My friend picked up 2, since he does have 2 children naturally, and he posted a bunch of pics of his ankle biters playing clan Kenobi. So here's my piccie.

More new piccies after the jump, but this is the only Star Wars one.

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