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December 05, 2005

Flying High

Wow. Nutritionists keep saying that eating white rice is metabolicaly about the same as eating sugar. I believe it now.

We had been feeding Awen different fruits and vegetables when I thought to give her some grains. Let's give her some congee. Let me tell you, with a little chicken broth (homemade... no salt, no anything, just skinless chicken and water) mixed in, it tastes a lot better than infant rice cereal. She loved it! She ate everything I gave her!

Well, bedtime is about half an hour after dinner. We did everything as usual, but rather than falling asleep, she kept wriggling and flailing about. Oh no, I thought, she's overtired. Then I looked again. This was not the frustrated flailing of an overtired baby. This was "ohmygoshIhavesomuchenegyijusthavetomovemoreandmoreandfasterandfasterandfasterandwhi pmyarmsaroundandkickkickkick" K. and I couldn't help laughing. What else could we do? So we watched her go crazy for about half an hour. I swear, it was the most hilarious and cute scenario I have ever witnessed. :)

And then...... crash! Restless sleeing all night long. No more congee for awhile. At least not on its own.

Millions of babes including have been fed with congee - it's quite safe. Canned baby foods are full of preservatives. C'mon...I don't agree with your observation.
Nope.. we're doing all home made, blended foods. peas, bananas, etc.

Not saying COngee is wrong, but we'll be doing that when she's older.. not if we want ot get some sleep!
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