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September 11, 2005

GOATZE! errrr Yahtzee!!!

So we were at the Muttart Conservatory, (basically an arboretum) and there was a family with a 15 month old. Well, the baby girl was very adorable, and was starting to walk. In fact, she was taking her first steps and being the upstanding citizen that I am I offered to take some shots. Yes, geek that I am, I carry my camera pretty much everywhere since it is farily tiny. So I get the guys email address, and this little demon pops up on my right shoulder. The demon says to me, hey.. pssst... don't mail him his kids pictures, mail him something else. What comes to mind? GOATSE!!!!! So I had a laugh with my brother, and me being the fucking wimp that I am, I did the right thing. Yeah... the little cherub on my left shoulder must have beat the snot out of the demon on my right. Ahh well, here's a Goatze for ya anyhoo, halloweeney style... a bit tamed down since my folks read this blog too. =>

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