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September 26, 2005

Down will come baby Part Deux

*SIGH* I tell you, sometimes I just pray to the gods of shag. No not that shag... the carpet variety. On Friday I dropped Arwen pretty much on her head. I was bringing her to get her nightly bath, and she wiggled, and wriggled out of my grasp, to land on her head and shoulder. OH MY GOD! You know those moments when it's like the Matrix? When everything slows down, including your reflexes? Well that moment came, and concluded with a thump and a heart wrenching baby cry. That is one of the worst feelings a new parent can have.

Thank god, as I said earlier, for shag carpet. Regardless, I think she's ok, and we'll get her X-rayed tomorrow just to play it safe.

Bad Daddy!

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