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July 05, 2005

And down will come baby

One of the most shocking things you can experience is some sort of illness, injury or anything negative to do with a child. We routinely fall asleep with our loved one in our arms. Natuarally this is a very loving position, but depending on circumstances, not always the most safe. Well it happened. We were sleeping, and cause Princess Poopy Pants is also a wiggler, she managed to fall off while on top of us. *THUMP* *WAAAHHH*. Needless to say, very scary, and it necessitated a trip to the emergency to ensure all was ok. All is ok, clean bill of health, and we'll continue to monitor her in the coming days.

It really makes you think about the vulnerability of a little tyke, as well as the resilience of even a tiny human body though. Mind you the fall was from a very low recliner to carpet (about 1.5 ft).


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