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June 15, 2005


Well, I've been drooling over these grills (yeah.. depending on how anal you wanna be, that's GRILLS not Barbeques) for quite a number of years. The big big name in grills IS Weber, and it's the one to get if you're half way serious about Grillin as I WANT to be. So I finally am able to drop some bills on this bad boy, due to an awesome sale. Clearing out last years models versus this years model, that has stainless steel front doors. Whoopty Do! I was able to save pretty much 30% off the retail price!


I haven't had a chance to fire up this bad boy, but I'm hankerin for some charred flesh. It's raining tonight, so that sucks, but when the sun peeks out.. Watch out! It's the grill of my dreams baby!

I've got the Weber Q and Weber Baby Q and both have been fantastic!
burned, i mean, charred flesh... hmmm YUMMY!
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