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June 24, 2005

Baby Arwen is born

Ahhh Fatherhood. Man I tell you being such a technogeek, and forgetting your camera at your own child's birth is a real kick in the nads. Like this is THE consumate event in everyone's life, and I forget the dang camera. Go figure. Well of course being a technogeek, my PDA (thank goodness for the Zire 72!) had a camera component. Mind you, the photos leave a bit to be desired, but at least you can tell I didn't father a monkey.

Those of you who were guessing, here are the details of my progeny's arrival onto mothership Earth.

Name: Arwen Harmony (insert Chinese name here) Loh
Birthtime: 2:20 PM
Birthweight: 5 lbs 13 oz
Birthlength: 19 3/4"
Time in Labour: approx 8 hours

Oh yeah.. one other thing... we don't have another kid, nor are we going to call her brother (sister) Gollum, Boromir, or Gimli. K? So get that straight. =>

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