Sandy Bear and Basil Bear
The History

I first met Sandy and Basil at U.B.C. Dance Club. David Bear and I practiced alongside Sandy and Basil in the same level. We competed together, and ended up on the U.B.C. Latin Formation Team one year.

Since graduating and leaving the club, we have continued to keep in touch and enjoy social events together.


As you can see, Sandy and I share the same favourite colour.
Doesn't Basil look like David? Even Basil's mom got them confused!
Vital Statistics

Van Tech Secondary School, Vancouver, B.C.
B.Sc Biochemistry, University of British Columbia
Financial Management Diploma, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Family: Basil - Husband

What really makes her happy: Winnie the Pooh

Pet peeves: People who are not puntual (even though (she's) late sometimes)

Fave pasttimes: Star watching at a lake in Whistler

Queen Elizabeth Secondary, Calgary, Alta.
B.APSc Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia

Family: Sandy - wife

What really makes him happy: Reading books

Pet peeves: People who don't signal when driving

Fave pasttimes: Relaxing on the deck in the evening.


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