(insert photograph) May bear has been a dear friend for thirteen years.
The History

We first met in grade 8 at NW Secondary. We shared seven out of eight classes that year, but it was in grade 9 that we got to know each other well. That year, we shared stories and poetry, entered science contests, and hung out at school together.

Our greatest times were spent painting posters for clubs, creating skits for French class (May's a great actress), and writing horror stories about our favourite teachers. I don't have many wild stories to tell about our teen years, but we certainly got to be very creative.

We graduated together, and celebrated at the Pan Pacific. Aww... isn't she pretty?  
  She'll hate me for putting this one, but it's my favourite picture of May. As you can see, she surprises easily. :)
Vital Statistics

NW Secondary School

Post-Secondary Work: "Worked too much in too little time."

Family: 5 brothers, 2 sisters

What makes May happy: Finding that special someone

Pet peeves: unfaithfulness, two-faced people

Fave pasttimes: walking, reading, watching movies, dancing


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