Klutzo Bear is a recent, very happy addition to my life.
The History
Klutzo Bear and I met for the very first time at a birthday party, through the scheming of Klutzo's very good friend (although he'll deny this), Echo.
Several months later, Echo invited me to play badminton with her and her friends. Throughout those weeks, she continued to declare how sweet and smart and funny Klutzo was. At weekly badminton games, I began to get to know Klutzo. He was indeed what Echo claimed him to be, but I was cautious...
On the last day before Christmas holidays, Dec. 21, 2000, Klutzo and I went out by ourselves for the first time (not including drinks after badminton, and like activities). Christmas holidays that year were busy. When Klutzo invited me to his New Year's party, I had to decline in order to attend with my own friends. Instead, I showed up to his party just as it was ending near morning.
New Year's Day began a new chapter in our relationship. I think I physically saw sparks fly.
Over the next months, we aquainted ourselves with our friends, our hobbies, and each other.

Vince, Aurora, and me in Seattle.




Cathy's birthday party.

Chilliwack Lake


On our way to an annual Science Fiction Convention in Victoria.



The Bear
Klutzo is very affectionate.
Loves new technology and new toys.
An avid photographer...
...and his own favourite model.
...and endless other good qualities that would not fit on this tiny little web page...



Vital Statistics

Burnaby North Secondary School,
School of Hard Knocks

Accomplishments: Created a home theatre.

Immediate family: one brother and mother and father

What really makes him happy: Spending time with loved ones.

Pet peeves: rainy days, grumpy people, and the colour baby blue

Fave pasttimes: watching movies

other friends